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Professional Food and Beverage Photographer for Your Business

Professional Food and Beverage Photographer for Your Business

April 18, 2023 03:19 PM by Isaias J | Discover

How long have you been photographing food and beverages?

Ijyoyo has specialized in taking in food and beverage for around 5 years. Some companies ijyoyo has worked with include La Colombe Coffee Roasters, QuinLa, Lorina Sparkling Soda and Prozis.

What inspired you to specialize in this type of photography?

Beverages are in our everyday life. Representing how they can be tasted though lifestyle photographers, euphoric settings, and the perfect lighting that matches the brand is essential. Ijyoyo’s favorite part of specializing in food and beverage photography is figuring out the details of the photoshoot. Where would the best place be that others will be too? How do I want people to feel when they look at these photographs? What subtle hints can i give to the photos that can make you feel the cold taste?

What is the process for capturing stunning food and beverages?

The processing for creating stunning food and beverage photos starts with the core idea and building upon it. Developing who wants to drink the beverage and how they might feel when they are drinking is crucial.These photographs should be something that words have a hard time describing and the entrincites of these photos are done with great depth. This includes but is not limited to the lighting conditions, the models, the counterparts and accessories, angles and camera shots.Another essential part to creating stunning food and beverage photos is getting a shot list together. A shot list is essentially what you want the final photos to look like. Having this can make a clear way to go about gathering resources together.

How do you work with clients to understand their vision for a shoot?

Communication is key with clients to understand what their goals and objectives are. Checkin's major parts of the campaign are important to make sure everything is going as planned and the correct images are being created. Envisioning is a core mission of ijyoyo and to create that into something physically and visually.Clear communication reduces the need to re-done shoots.

How do you approach lighting and composition when photographing food and beverages?

Lighting and composition are important aspects of food and beverage photography. Lighting that matches the texture is essential. Bad lighting will have your images looking off putting and not enjoyable. Lighting conditions may vary depending on indoor or outdoor settings.At ijyoyo the use of studio lighting and commercial lighting is common. Additionally outdoor lighting conditions may be diffused by photo diffusers. Advanced lighting can be used however simple lighting is also encouraged for a real and natural feeling.

How do you ensure that the colors and textures represent in the photos?

Color and textures are important to maintain when photographing products and photographing foods. Texture can be changed with the angles, intensity of light and the direction of light. Often plastics and aluminum are used for the packaging of products and this requires light that isn’t hard or direct. This is always for the ability to maintain detail in the shadows and highlights.Color is another important part of food and beverage photography. Color may be different and match differently. You want the colors you see in real life to match the colors you see on the screen.

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