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10 Summer Photoshoot Ideas


It’s about that time of year! Get on your swimsuit, sun lotion and bring your camera! Are you looking for cool summer photoshoot ideas? Photos with friends, props and at different places can be essential to getting together a summer vibe. This article will share some of those!

#1 Grab a Patterned Blanket! Picnic Photoshoot

Friends Laughing Together

Picnic photoshoots are great with multiple people & food. Grab your favorite patterned blank and find an open space in a park or greenery. If you cannot find a green space, get creative! Sometimes you can even do it with a sliver of grass.

#2 Buy or find Flowers

Christopher Campbll photograph

Do a photoshoot with flowers! Buying flowers can bring out the summer feel. Try different types of flowers as well from violet, yellow or red roses. Make sure to match these with your outfits that you decide on.-> Capture aroma , capture the sweetness

#3 Use Fireworks

Fireworks sparkler photoshoot

Depending on your country or region you may or may not be able to do this. Always remember to use safety measures to ensure a great photoshoot! Fireworks are great even before countries like the United States have 4th of July.They can make great lighting for photographs as well. Depending on your goal you can use just fireworks or you can add additional light to your scene. Either way practice before you go out to capture sharp or non-sharp images for the best photographs!

#4 Friends Photoshoot

Summer photoshoot

Message your best friends and have them join you in a photoshoot. Go to local areas like bars, parks or somewhere to take photos. Have a chill day outside! Don’t forget accessories like sunglasses.

#5 Try underwater photoshoots

If you have the ability or have a smartphone that has some water proof abilities try and get creative as possible! Get in the water and get your photos taken. This is perfect on hot summer days to cool off.There are a few location options to try out , quarries, rivers, lakes, oceans, hotel pools, outdoor pools. Although public outdoor pools will likely be more crowded you can also try hotel pools. Check out how to set up a beach photoshoot here as well.

#6 Play with the sand

Following underwater shoots you may have the chance to visit a beach! Why not take some photographs in the sand. Whether it be standing or laying down on the sand you can get some awesome pictures.Some outfit recommendations and ideas don’t always have to be a bikini either. You can try out wavy and loose fitted shirts as well that work well when the wind blows as well as dresses. Don’t forget the props that you can bring as well! This may include tote bags, nylon bags. Invite a friend or a significant other as well! Learn more about beach photoshoots here

#7 Find some butterflies

Butterfly Fly Bokeh

Okay - butterflies. Something cool , but how do you find them? If you go for walks or know people who go on walks ask where they have seen butterflies usually. On nice days go to those spots and try and capture butterflies in the area. Butterflies are fast so be ready to capture them. Butterflies are also very vibrant so plan as best as possible to do that as well. Oftentimes even having a butterfly mindset on hand can help when you see a butterfly- meaning you don’t need to go out specifically for look for butterflies.If you do decide to try and have a photoshoot with a butterfly, also take advantage of any of the flowers that are nearby as well.

#8 farmers market

A local event like the farmers market is another great example. Get on a cool fit and go to your local farmers market. There may be many people there and also there will be amazing food to try out as well!

#9 find an open road

This one is my favorite because it works anywhere in any state. When you out traveling for the summer back some cool road shot photos and try and stand out!

Butterfly Summer Photoshoot

#10 visit a forest

Add some greenery to your photos by going and exploring a forest. The best sunlight may be during golden hour but all times of the day work!


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