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How to Photography Clothes for your Online store

March 17, 2023 by Isaias J | Create

Welcome to the series on e-commerce photography.

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Welcome to the series on e-commerce photography. How do you photograph jeans for poshmark? What are the best practices?

There are many ways to shoot jeans and many of these will be up to the brand to make the final decision.

A common practice for people photographing clothes is to flat lay. Flat lay photography is where you place the object on a plane and shoot exactly above the product, just enough to get some margins from the image

Flat lay photography may seem easy but once you try it out you will soon realize how shadows become involved.

Lighting is also key for this instance. The most common is natural lighting from either being outside or near a window. However often times there can be a gradientlike the effect because the window doesn't reach the far end of the corners. You can fix this with a white backdrop to reflect the light back onto the jeans.

You can also use additional lighting on the jeans or denim to show the texture. This is a handy trick if it is coming from the left or right side of the jeans. This waythe textures have the ability to be soon.

What kind of background should I use?

Jean photoshoot

Finding the right background is great, remember to match it with your store and keep it concise. Common backgrounds include flat surfaces that are not busy. Learn how to blur the background in a photo Things like wood, tile are common. Additionally you cango to the hardware store or order online squares to give the jeans a different look.

Additionally if you have a garage you can use light while it is open to get indirect sunlight that can light the jeans.

How do I make the Jeans look lively?

Often times flat lay images can be - well boring. A couple of ideas to make your stand out is adding stuffing to the leg. This will create depth perception.It is also a good practice to either wash or wrink the jeans a bit.
Another common practice is folding the edges of the jeans. This is because the jeans will appear wider then they actually are, due to the roundness of the length.

What kind of camera should you use?

Hw to take great photos

This is a great question. Oftentimes if you are looking at a professional camera almost all digital cameras will do fine, however you will want to look at the focal length. Many beginner cameras come with a kit lens that is usually a zoom lens.

This will work perfectly for our situation. Why do cameras not matter much anymore? Well although a camera needs to be fast to take photos, if you have a digital camera most have a high quality to get some great sharp photos.

Using a wide-angle lens anything from 15mm to 24mm will allow you to get photographs close in. However you may get some distortion on the edges, so avoid the edges if you can.

Additionally you can use a prime lens that is a fixed camera length. Lens like the 35mm and the 50mm may be best suited for photographing jeans.

We can also not forget iphones and mobile devices. This are entirely fine for photographs as well. There are some nuances that will not allow you to edit or change the settings exactly though.

What kind of settings should you use?

Photoshoot jeans

This is also dependent on the camera system and the lighting conditions that you are in. Generally you want to aim for sharp photos, with the majority of the image in focus. You can do this by setting the Aperture number high and shutter speed high or enough so there is no motion blur.

Motion blur is when the camera moves too fast for the image to be captured. This happens a lot inside if the ISO number is not high enough.

A high aperture number will allow you to get the texture of the jeans. This may be represented as in f/8 or f/6. Avoid low numbers like f/3.5 or f/2.8 .

Using a tripod

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Tripods should not be left out of this! Although you can get great handheld shots, if you are doing multiple jeans this will change each time you change the jeans. Try using a tripod to get stable shots over the images. Also watch out for the shadow that they create.

This guide went over some of the best practices for taking great jean photographs for your ecommerce store. Check out other ecommerce articles

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