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How to take good beach pictures of yourself

How do you take photos of yourself at the beach? Whether you need cool instagram photos or are shooting for a campaign this article will help you out on any questions that you may have.

Think of where you will set your camera. Depending on the type and how big it is, different things can help you prop you up.

I would highly recommend buying a tripod for either your phone or camera to help you along. Gone are the days where it is odd to see someone without one while producing content!

Quick tripod guide

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Some tripods are better than other tripods. For example tripods that are made of plastic vs aluminum or carbon fiber will be priced differently. You can get away with buying a decent ranged tripod around $50. This is a great investment if you want to do more content and have the camera setup while you walk away from it.

Additionally some tripods only come with tripods for professional cameras. You can add on additional phone camera heads so that your phone can be secured in these.

I would also recommend buying a higher end camera so that the tripod doesn’t break. I’ve seen this before were people buy a cheaply made tripod and it ends up either getting stuck or breaking really easily. It is best to buy a higher end one.

Setting up your camera

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Take burst, focus before, get a remote- use iphone or an smart watch to take the photosWhen you are setting up your camera there are [3] things to remember, camera focus, exposure and the amount you want to take.

Making sure that your camera photos are in focus is very important when you are taking photographs. You don’t want blurry photos or things that are out of focus. The way to focus ahead of time is to set a focus point around the area you will be standing. This may be a bit difficult to figure out if you are using the front camera and can’t see yourself.Try and focus the area on one of the rule of thirds areas. These areas will be the best areas to compose yourself, which we will talk about later.

Exposure and lighting is also important if you are taking photos with a camera. Make sure that your settings are set up prior to moving back and forth in the images to check the results. You can do this by setting up the area and finding what looks balanced.

Burst Mode

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Setting up burst mode is also an important part. This will reduce the amount of times you will need to go back to the camera to checkout the photos

Try a drone

Consider buying a drone and bringing it to the beach. Drones are super helpful if you need to get high shots and unique shots of the beach. Additionally you don’t have to worry about tripods. Just remember to bring enough batteries!

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