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Top 5 Reasons to Use Lightroom Presets

By @ijyoyo | July 07 2020 | Lightroom

Why would you use a preset in the first place? Why not edit each one individually? This article will go over the advantages for using professional lightroom presets.


An important part of a photographers work is the consistency that defines them.

When you use a lightroom preset for Instagram or twitter you maintain the same color!

This is usually what many other people do to make their pages look more aesthetic and welcoming!

As you can see @Jwirtalla Does a good job at being consistant through his photos AND his color scheme

    2. Creating a Style

When you use presets- either downloaded or modified- can you start to create your own style from your small adjustments.

You can also take advantage of the edits and start shooting differently with the presets in mind.

photographer holding camera with pop flash on

    3. Learning and Adjusting

Lightroom presets are a great way to get your foot in the door to more advanced editing.

While you might not know what everything does, lightroom presets give you a start and you can adjust how you want them to look!

While your adjusting you can also learn at the same time lightroom preset pack city collection

4. Quick Edits very many photos

Using presets allows you to have the same edits with minor adjustments like exposure throughout many photos from the same set, this can make your editing time a lot faster!

5. Find and evolve your own styles

Lightroom Presets allow you to change and develop your style, maybe you can take a combination of two presets and create something better! Photographer holding camera next to lake black and white

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