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By @ijyoyo | August 10 2020

Who is ijyoyo?

When I was first starting photography, I had the normal school hours, and when I got home that was the time to spare after homework and all.

Madison wiscosnin Union terrace sunset That time became a great time, I always went out, not too hot not too cold. I heard golden hour was the BEST time for photos.

Eventually I went to different locations to see how the light effected each location.

This was up and down hills , across town, wherever. This was before I could drive yet so I biked 🚴‍♀‍ all around my neighborhood, usually not getting to downtown.

madison wisconsin Edgewater Pier, man on pier during sunset
Since then I’ve improved my skills in noticing the weather/time/direction the sun sets they’re all still nice.

I don’t know why I could still enjoy something if I’ve seen them so frequently.

During my fall semester last year, I just went to the gym nice sunset out the windows, I now use that time to run, it’s evolved.

I still take sunset photographs – “Sunsets are a great reflection on your day” 🏃‍♂‍

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