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Office Features That Can Help Your Product Photography To Shine

Office Features That Can Help Your Product Photography To Shine

November 17, 2023 04:37 PM by Isaias J |

While photography studios were a go-to for product shoots just a few short years ago, more and more companies are choosing to take snaps in their own offices. As well as eliminating the additional fee of studio hire, in-office shoots add a personal element, ensure that all members of your team are on hand, and can help consumers to get a far better idea of the look your brand is going for.

Whether your existing office is in the midst of renovation, or you’re embarking on a complete office move with the help of a company like Allied Moving, office overhauls provide the ideal opportunity to approach your space with photo potential in mind. It may be that you want to create an in-office studio while you have the chance, or simply that you want to highlight the best areas for your future shoots.

Either way, you should look out for the following key features that could end up helping your product photography to shine.

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#1 - Natural light

Lightboxes are a standard element of studio photoshoots, but they’re not always ideal for office shoots. After all, those lightboxes can take up a lot of space and, as consumers increasingly prefer to see their products without a veil, you may find that this artificial light simply doesn’t work for you anymore. Instead, during your office overhaul or move, it’s worth considering the natural light in your new space. Natural light is great for your employees anyway but, where your photos are concerned, the warm, natural light that you get with a south-facing office and plenty of windows can help to ensure a great photo finish.

#2 - Great views

On platforms like Instagram, which is where a lot of product imagery is shared these days, plain, staged photo backgrounds are very much out of fashion. Yet, you’ll also struggle to appeal to your audience if all they can see in the background of your snaps is a manic office. The solution? An office with a view. This will be great for drawing the eye, appealing to large audiences, and also helping your products to look as amazing as possible in their natural environment.

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#3 - Office features

There is a lot to be said for sharing elements of your office along with your product snaps, as this is where the personality of your brand comes in. But, you want those features to look a little more appealing than simply having something like the photocopier in the background. Instead, aim to capture office elements that might include additions like plants, and even set features of your office, like stone pillars, striking window panes, and any feature walls that you’ve incorporated. On social media, especially, these personal touches are going to look great, add a personal element to your pictures, and generally bring larger audiences to your brand.

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You shouldn’t choose your office style with product photography in mind, but it certainly won’t hurt to keep an eye out for these opportunities to capture a great image!

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