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Sell Your Home For More Money With These Real Estate Photography Tips

December 04, 2023 10:02 PM by Isaias J |

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Thousands of real estate listings litter the web, so how do you get people to click on yours? To sell a home for as much money as possible, you must drive the demand through the roof. This means loads of buyers are keen to view and bid on your home, which allows you to entertain a bidding war and take the highest offer.

How do you make these dreams a reality? You start with professional real estate photography photos. Make your home look amazing and people will start clicking on the listing. The more gorgeous it looks, the more intrigued they’ll be - and this causes plenty of inquiries. Our real estate photography tips will explain some core concepts to focus on that’ll help you display your home in all its glory!

Emphasizing the importance of staging in real estate photography.

Staging is key

As with all types of photography, the way you set the scene is key. You need to stage each room in your home to look perfect. A few ideas include removing any family heirlooms and putting up some contemporary wall art. Organize each room to maximize the space, making them look as open as possible. Try to avoid keeping clutter in any photo so the whole place looks neat and tidy. Ideally, you want as few things in each room as possible - it makes the rooms look better and helps buyers visualize what they could put in the rooms.

Real estate photography tips for maximizing property value.

Highlight the best features

There’s no point trying to hide some of the bad features of your home. Buyers will always be on Google searching for a home inspector near me before they think about purchasing anything. If you hide things or try to photoshop imperfections, the inspector will find them. Showcasing your property's best features through photography.

Instead, focus more on highlighting the best features. When you stage your rooms, take photos at certain angles to highlight some of the best elements. Show off the floor-to-ceiling windows, emphasize how spacious the living room is, or get close-ups of the brand-new shower. Make people aware of the best features so they’re excited to book a viewing.

Don’t forget about lighting

Reminding photographers about the importance of proper lighting.

In a perfect world, you’ll take photos when it’s sunny and bright outside. Certainly, you should wait to take exterior photos so you have the best natural lighting. Inside the home, you’ll need lightboxes and possibly even some mirrors to manipulate the light. Mirrors help you reflect light from outside to give the rooms natural lighting. If this isn’t possible, lightboxes will take over. Either way, you aim to illuminate the rooms so everything looks bright and clear. It makes every image come out a lot better - and it makes your entire house seem more welcoming.

So, nail the staging, highlight the best features, and ensure your home is well-lit. Keep these three points in mind when taking real estate photos and your house will look amazing. It’ll attract attention from everywhere and you’ll soon be dealing with many inquiries. Then, sit back, relax, and let the bidding war of the Century commence for your home.

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