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The Art of Digital Modeling Essential Tips for Striking and Professional Digitals

The Art of Digital Modeling: Essential Tips for Striking and Professional Digitals

by Isaias J | Discover| October 10, 2023 09:50 PM

If you're new to modeling, you might encounter the term "digitals." This article addresses common questions for beginners looking to submit to agencies or update their digitals.

Table of Contents

What Are Digitals?

Digitals are unretouched images used at casting calls to showcase your profile, side profile, posing ability, and more. Models often update their digitals yearly or more frequently, with the initial set being crucial. Refreshed digitals can convey professionalism, especially when submitting to specific types of agencies.

When Should You Take Digitals?

Digitals should be updated regularly, and the first set holds particular importance. Consider updating digitals for changes like new tattoos or improvements to the initial set. Refreshed digitals can contribute to a professional appearance when submitting to agencies.

What Should I Wear for Digitals?

Choosing the right outfit for digital photos is crucial. Avoid flashy or colorful clothing; opt for solid colors like white or black. The focus of digitals is to showcase your physique, posture, and facial structure for casting directors and scouts. Avoid flashy jewelry or watches.

How Should I Style My Hair and Makeup for Digitals?

Keep hair and makeup simple and clean for digitals. Maintain clean and groomed hair, embracing your natural texture. Avoid one-off hairstyles unless it's for rebranding. Opt for a natural look in makeup, emphasizing good sleep and hydration for fresh-looking skin.

Haircare for Modeling digitals

What Shots Do I need for Digitals?


  1. A close-up shot of the model's face.
  2. Minimal makeup or no makeup at all.
  3. Hair pulled back to reveal the face.
  4. Neutral facial expression, showcasing the model's features.

Profile Shots:

  1. Side views of the model's face from both the left and right sides.
  2. These shots help to highlight the model's profile and bone structure.

Full-Length Shots:

  1. Front, back, and side views of the model.
  2. Wearing form-fitting clothing to showcase body proportions.
  3. Simple and neutral poses to emphasize the natural silhouette.

2/3 shot

Other Shots

Other Shots may include Swimwear Shots, Lifestyle Shots, Expression shots,

Where Should I Take My Digitals?

Choose controlled lighting for digitals, preferably during late afternoon or in a studio with natural light. Be mindful of the background, opting for deep black or light white backgrounds to ensure separation. Avoid distracting elements and consider paper backgrounds or walls for variation.

studio setup

Can I Take Digitals Myself or Should I Hire a Photographer?

Taking digitals yourself may be challenging, but possible with careful setup. Hiring a photographer can save time and ensure professional results. Look for photographers familiar with digitals, and most sets include headshots, waist-up shots, ⅓ shots, and full-body shots. (See the difference between a Headshot and Portrait)

Why Are Digitals Important for Models?

Digitals are crucial for modeling as they allow agencies and casting directors to evaluate your "look." A good set of digitals presents your features and personality authentically.


Understanding the significance of digitals is crucial for aspiring models. These unedited snapshots play a vital role in casting calls, allowing agencies and directors to evaluate your raw talent, physique, and versatility. Whether updating annually or more frequently, consider wardrobe, hair, makeup, and location choices carefully. While taking digitals yourself is possible, hiring a professional photographer can streamline the process and ensure high-quality results.

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