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How I Started Photography

By @ijyoyo | November 27 2022 | About ijyoyo

How did I start taking photos? A common question I often get. I’ll go through how I grew up around cameras, filmed videos, and started taking professional photos as a commercial photographer.

Growing up my parents always showed me and my sibilings photo albums, filled with travels from the Grand Canyons to Alcatraz. So I had always had some type of camera around me.

On occasions me and my sister would take out the camera and create small movies and videos. Really whatever we were up to from recording our pets or going to the park.

I then grew up using cameras but not much skills , just blurry pictures. When I was around 14 I started creating graphic designs.

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I started with the videogame Minecraft and creating animated “renderings”. I also started T-shirt designs, Mockups and Manipulations. I soon realized how important photography was for graphic design. Mainly creating stock images for my images.

I worked for a whole year at 15 to buy my first camera. That is where I started my photography.

Complematry colors , orange truck Complematary Image, Orange Truck, Blue car

I spent the next year learning as much as I could about photography and light. I spent a whole year working on the 365 projects. The 365-project included taking images for 365 days of any photographs. I went through all different environments and situations.

In 2017 I met more photographers from Madison Wisconsin during high school. At the end of 2017, I met Brittney.

Female fashion model in the winter Brittney was my first model to photograph. It was a freezing December day. I absolutely loved taking photos and meeting her. Since then I started doing more modeling photoshoots outdoors and indoors.

I have met painters, artists, new models, fashion models, actors and more since then. I am thankful for my journey and I am still learning and growing on developing my photography.

Portrait Before and Afters pic.twitter.com/KeqNaZ50lI

— Isaias (Yoyo) (@ijyoyo) August 13, 2018

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