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Yoga Exercise Photoshoot

Envision Published September 2022

Welcome today we created a Excerise Yoga Photoshoot. This was created in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’ll share how it started, Why setup a fitness photoshoot what gear I used for the photoshoot and other questions you may have.

Photography Fitness

Starting out

Strolling through instagram I looked and I saw Analisia’s Page pop up. I saw how much she was doing and thought hey, maybe we could get something going for a photoshoot. I had previously dont something similiar with Emma.

We had a conversation about what we were looking for in this photoshoot and the different poses we could potentially do. I was eager to start shooting after she shared some of her ideas!

Outdoor fitness photoshoot

Why setup a fitness photoshoot

Analisia currently works as an instructor for a few studios in the area. This photos can stand out among others. It is also fun to get out and Become photogenic!!

For those working in the fitness, health services and excerse industry this can be a great way to share and connect with other as well. Analisia has a few social media platforms that she may find these photos and videos useful with.

Other reasons may include showing off all the hard work you have been able to accomplish. Building physic and nailing is an amazing super human power.

Photoshoot Outdoors

Gear used

My thoughts are that anyone can take amazing photographs and capture this action. But I’ll share what my gear was for that additional help.

I use a Canon EOS RP, a full frame camera. I also used solely a Canon 85mm. This isa great combination because it allows me to get few enough away and get a nice blurry background. The Canon EOS RP is a mirrorless full frame camera.

What is the best time for Photographs?

This was a key part of the photoshoot during the summer. When is the best time for a photoshoot in the summer? Fitness Photoshoot Outdoors The best time depends on what direction you shoot and your vision. I chose a later time in the day 1st because we were both avaliable during that time, and 2nd because the sun was lower in the horizon.

During the afternoon or high noon the sun is directly at a 90 degree angle and this can great unpleasant shadows and few shadows from trees.

As the sun sets or even a few hours before the sunset, the sun gets further and approaches the horizon. I used this to change where analisia was facing for the final photos. I also had to keep in mind that I didn’t want her squinting into the sun for too long.

Analisia Doing yoga poses in grass

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