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Male Model Photoshoot
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Headshot vs Portraits

What is the difference? Headshots are photographs of your head. Anything above the shoulder goes and is one person. Portraits can be photographed at different lengths. Some examples include midshots, full body or group photographs.

Headshots are also helpful for professional photographs. They can be added to things like emails* and other profile pcitures.

Girl with stripes photoshoot
Portrait photographers
Studio photoshoot
Dear Studio photshoot

What to Bring to a Studio Photoshoot

Preparing for a photoshoot can be fun here is a list of a few of the items to bring.
After discussing the photoshoot moodboards, looks and more here is what to bring.

Extra clothes
Lotion, Sunscreen

Commercial Photography
Studio photoshoot milwaukee wisconsin
Studio photoshoot milwaukee wisconsin

Where are these Photoshoots?

Not stationary- nomad style. Giving back to your local community
Cities: Milwaukee, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Dallas

Studio photoshoot milwaukee

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