Enhancing Color in Photoshop

Photoshop is a unique program with many abilities to enhance an images story and visual attributes. One unique way to edit your photos to stand out from others is the usage of colors. Today I will share some tips on enhancing colors in Photoshop through 3 different techniques that will let you become more creative in your editing.

Hue/ Saturation

So you already have a masterpiece image taken off of your camera? Whats next ? Let's say you want the reds in this image more vibrant. One way to enhance colors is through the hue and saturation tab found under (Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation). Then by selecting the hand tool on the bottom and you can use the eye picker to choose a color in the photo to modify (in this case, the red seat) . Next you can change the saturation of the color to give a more lively color, or you can desaturate the color entirely. In this example I will change the hue to +19, and saturation to +33.


Another Way to enhance your color is through Selective coloring. Say I want to change the vibrance of the reds in this photo and turn the blues into a turquoise color. You can do this by going to (Image>Adjustments>Selective Color) . select “selected color” and hover your eye picker over your desired color (in this case, the blue smoke) to isolate. Adjust the fuzziness slider to only capture the parts of the image you want to be in color and make sure to click “Invert” and “Selection”. Once you are satisfied press “Ok” and you will see a selection made. Next go to (Image>Adjustments>Black And White) You can adjust the black and white characteristics to change the lightness of colors but for this example we won’t be needing it. Press Ctrl D (Cmd D on pa to deselect and now you have a color pop!

Selective Coloring

Another way to enhance color is by making it the only color in the photo. In this image I want to make a selection of only the blue color. First go up to the top bar and select (select>color range) In this window you can change the colors you want to modify and the different CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow , Black) Colors to change the individual primary colors. I will start with the Red color and adjust the Cyan to +53, Magenta +74, Yellow to +12 and Black 0. Next I will change the blue under “Colors:” I will change these values to Cyan +33, -100 Magenta, +12 Yellow and +32 black. This way is much more precise to adjusting colors. And I can change the image into a dreamy look in a series of photos.
Using a combination of each of these tips you can get creative with future projects and the way you work with color in your workflow! Color is a fundamental to photoshop and I hope you learned a few new tricks that you can incorporate in your own work!


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