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What are TFP ?

Trade for Prints or TFP is a shooting style that benefits both models and photographers for building portfolios.Years ago TFP traded your modeling style for portfolio pictures as long as the photographer could print the photos afterwards. Today however, photos are sent via JPEG images without any payment.

Instead of paying the model or photographers for a photoshoot, instead the model recieves photographs and the photographers recieve modeling photos for their own protfolio. Together both parties have the ability to practice and collaborate in a way that maintains a mutually benefical photoshoot.

TFP can occur in studios, outdoors or indoors for based on what should be presented in a portfolio or social media page.

How are TFPs helpful?

Setting up a TFP shoot can help create a clean professional modeling portfolio. It is also a great way to build your portfolio for free (besides the time spent shooting).

Through TFP you can learn different opinons and view new perspectives of a photographer and modeling relationship without monetary exchage, based in Madison and Milwaukee Wisconsin.

  • Growth from experience
  • xw
  • Free portfolio building
  • Create your own concepts

  • Julia Schiller through coffee window gaze on photographerJulia Schiller through coffee window, slight head tilt, gaze on photographer

    How do I setup a TFP?

    Whether setting up a TFP shoot from a photographer, email them and ask them if they would be interested in a TFP. TFP shoots work like any other detailed shoot

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