What should I wear?👗👖

Updated: November 15 2022

Selecting the important outfits is important. Outfits should show your best and should match with the concept or idea of the photoshoot 😄.

This page briefly goes over what you should be aware for photoshoots including Accessories, Logos and emblems, Outfits and hair styling

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    Accessories ⌚

    Accessories Like watches and earrings are fine, although they may distract from the overall portrait. Lets make sure our eyes are on the prize -YOU!

outdoor model poses,outdoor photoshoot, model portrait photography

    Logos and Symbols ☮️

    Logos and Symbols are fine for some instances make sure to keep in mind how these photos will be used. They may become a distraction.

outdoor model poses,outdoor photoshoot, model portrait photography

    Multiple Outfits

    are crucial to getting a variety of photographs during the same session. Different types of shirts and pants can change a scene dramatically. If you have a small bag to pack your stuff in , don’t be afraid to bring it! We will happily carry it or even plan or each outfit individually.


    Ah yes. For those of us with long hair it is important to have your hair out of the portrait to avoid shadows.

    In all, don’t hesitate to wear something or ask questions on outfit ideas or outfits that will match the location and the idea.

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