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November 13 2022Envision

Why Invest in a Fitness Photoshoot?

You may be someone who is all involved in fitness, health and prosperity. Share your own success through high quality images professionally taken. Share your progress and envision your best self.

The most common reason to set up a shoot is to show your progress and benchmark it! Remember a few months ago when you were just working out on this? It is the perfect time to shine and show off your hard work.

Another reason may be for professional images for clients. Showing your face to clients and getting great photos as a personal trainer may be desirable. Having multiple photos to talk you out and connect with your clients can be super helpful.

Lastly you may just want some awesome pictures of your fit body! There is no reason not to show them off. If you are a model or looking into Fitness Modeling this may be great for you.

What are Some Fitness Photoshoot Poses?

Fitness Photoshoot poses select certain body features to show off at a time. Think of sharing your biceps or a workout routine that you usually do.

You can think of using free weights as well and maintain proper form while executing them.

Review this guide of Fitness Photoshoot poses. Or with yoyo get posed in real time. No experience is needed for posing!

How Do I Get the Photos?

You will receive an email with your photos to your email. Generally it will be sent through Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud Photos.You can learn more here.All images are high quality images taken by a professional.

Images will be sent out on a basis to term.

Where Are Good Fitness Locations?

There are many different places for fitness photoshoots. There are indoor and outdoor places that you can look at going to. Think of going indoor or outdoor depending on the season.

Indoor photo locations include gym clubs, pools, basketball courts and a photo studio

Outdoor locations may include basketball courts, tennis courts, greenways and parks You can read more her for Fitness Locations

What are some Fitness Clothing Line Ideas?

If you have a fitness clothing line this is perfect for you. You may need some ideas to figure out how you want to market your fitness clothing brand.

This combines location, poses and people that you will have in your photos. Learn More about Fitness Clothing Photoshoots

Why ijyoyo?

With over 5 Years of photography experience and fitness photoshoots , ijyoyo believes heavily in physical and mental well-being. At ijyoyo the goal is to create, discover and envision the next thing. Envisioning is an aspect that can help inspire others as well to be there best and greatest self.

I want to use these for Advertising & Marketing. How can I learn more?

If you are looking for a fitness photographer or commercial photographer this is the correct place. Learn more about photo licensing agreements here to help you with your marketing and advertising needs.

How Should I Get Ready for a Fitness Photoshoot?

There are a couple things you should know before setting up a fitness photoshoot … check out more information here

Current Packages

Special Discount until January 3rd 2022

Fitness Discoverer

1-2 outfit changes
Retouching & Editing
10-15 Fully Edited Photos
1 Hour of Shooting
Free Consultation & Styling
$120 $249.99

Fitness Explorer

2-3 outfit changes
Full Retouching
10-20 Fully edited Photos
1-2 Hours of Shooting
Free Consultation & Styling
$185 289.99

Fitness Creator

4-5 outfit changes
Full Retouching
20-40 Full Edited Photos
5 videos
2-2.5 Hours of Shooting
Free Consultation & Styling
$230 398.99

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