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Fitness Photoshoot Clothing Ideas

November 20 2022Fitness

Hey! Maybe you’ve your clothing line done, maybe you are getting it together and in the planning stage of how you will share your clothing line. What are some good photoshoot ideas for fitness clothing lines? How should you share your fitness clothes? Where should you go to take these photos? This article goes over all of these and more.

Women Fitness Photoshoot


Planning a photoshoot for your clothing line is important and there are some things that you should know ahead of time. You can check out the article on how to get set up for a photoshoot. We’ll talk specifically about fitness clothing photoshoots in this one.

Planning the Photos

Getting ready and planning a fitness clothing photoshoot and or fitness apparel can start off with finding out what you want your photos to look like. Think about where the final end photos will be. Will the images be used on an instagram fitness account? Will they be used on your website or other social media accounts like Pinterest, YouTube or TikTok?

Try and find the style of photos that you like or the pose ideas you like. Sometimes this works well all at once. You can view certain hashtags like #fitnesss or an action like #running #hiking to find a creator that has done something similar to what you want your photos like. Also think of your branding in general during this part. Think back to your purpose of creating the brand.

Once you have a collection of photos you can pick and choose and try and get a college going of similar photos. This helps you understand what you would like from a photoshoot or a photographer. You can skip this step and go straight to a photographer to help you out as well, but it is a good idea ahead of time to think of this as well.

Large companies also have photo requirements that they wish to have in their photos. This is why large brands like Lululemon, Pacsun and Gym Shark have cohesive brands. Some businesses may give photographers photo requirements as well that explain the style and technicalities of the images.

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Style may include lighting situations, colors used or avoided and angles. Technicalities may include gear (camera, lenses) recommendations, image size dimensions (4000x x 5000 px dpi) , video requirements (1920x1080px 59.99fps) and naming requirements (shotnumber_BRANDNAME_date.jpg), There may be multiple times you need to go to a photographer.

It is also a good idea to set up one photoshoot with a shot list so that you are able to make the most of your time with a photographer. The shot list can contain the different poses and photographs that you want to get for sure. This eliminates waiting for ideas during the photoshoot.

What Should You Bring to a Photoshoot?

This works if you are alone or in a group of people. There are a few things you should consider bringing to a photoshoot.

1. Bring Water

Water Bottle with Headphones

Water is important in general photoshoot but also in Fitness Photoshoot. Likely you will be looking active and may be in warm weather. Not only should you bring water to the photoshoot , you should also drink water 24 hours before the photoshoot. This will keep your body healthy.

2. Extra Clothes

Making the best out of a photoshoot may include bringing a set of different styles of clothing. It is important that during the planning stage you put these in and think of them separately and equally. This way you can have the same amount of photos for each outfit.If you are shooting a group of people remember to bring extra pairs for other people.

Another example of bringing extra clothing may be for a couples fitness photoshoot.

3. Unbranded clothing

Commonly to avoid distractions you will use unbranded t-shirts and clothing that don’t have large logos. This same rule should be included when shooting for a Clothing line. Remove any branded clothing that is not the brand. This will avoid any confusion with the audience.

4. Sweat Towels

During a fitness photoshoot you may ask the model or if you are the model to run, jump, walk. This may make you hot or create sweat. It is important that you bring a towel to remove this excess sweat. It may be an aesthetic to have this but make sure that you coordinate with your photographer to see if this is what you want the images to look like.Bringing a towel can save photos and save time from touching your face directly with your hands,

Fitness Clothing Photoshoot Locations

Where should you go to take photos for a fitness clothing brand? This is an important question similar to where you should go to a fitness photoshoot.

However fitness clothing photoshoots your main focus is on the apparel and the expression of the apparel. Here are some of the locations you should consider when getting fitness clothing ideas for your photoshoot.

1. fitness clothing photoshoot studio

Going to a studio may be your best bet to getting great photos and displaying them on your website. First studios allow you to work with seamless backgrounds that may be a solid color like white or black or grey. You can also create patterns as well. Sure you can do a similar affect with a wall outdoors or in a gym studio, however you may not have the same lighting abilities.

Going to a studio will allow you to get high quality images. These also can be used on your website. At this point it may also be important to decide what the main purpose of these photos will be. Will they be used as product displays or marketing photos and advertising photos?

Male posing photoshoot

2. Basketball Courts

Indoors and outdoor basketball courts can be great to share fitness clothing brands. Just make sure to bring a basketball prop as well! Indoor basketball courts may need permission to take photos there and may need additional lights to get the best out of the location.

Outdoor basketball courts are also great especially since they are common in American Cities. Outdoor Basketball Courts also may have people playing basketball which you can use in the background. Just make sure that you get permission either written or verbal to allow these people to be in your photos. Blue sky, BasketBall Photoshoot

3. Running spaces and greenways

Running areas may be a great place to get photos for a brand. Just make sure you are not in peoples' way during the photoshoot in public. New York City has great running areas that you can get to early in the morning and get some great photos for example.

Greenways are also a great place to take photos. They are simple paths to do multiple shots. You will be by nature or the outer city.

Photoshoot Locations for Fitness PHotsohotos

4. Indoor Gyms

Indoor gyms may be another place to look at for doing a fitness clothing photoshoot. Indoor photoshoot are

Fitness Clothing Photoshoot Poses

The last part of this article will help you with some pose ideas to bring along with your photoshoot.

1. Doing an action

An action can be best for a fitness clothing photoshoot. This can be flexing, warming up, push ups, jumping or running.

Warming up might be as simple as it sounds. Warm up and do some cardio and aerobic stretches to get ready. This may also be similar to some yoga poses as well.

Pushups and jumping are two other activities you can do. It is important that you do however make it so that you are doing it in a way that is photogenic.

Emmma Stretching Madison Wisconsin

2. Sitting down/ Recovery

You can sit down during your photoshoot. Think of this as a recovery shot or a beginning of a workout shot.

3. Talking with someone, being social.

Think of sharing two people talking while doing an activity. This may be walking, running or playing a sport.

This article went through some fitness clothing photoshoot ideas to help your business. We went through different indoor and outdoor locations. A shot list that you can use to create more ideas and how to prepare for a fitness clothing photoshoot. If you are interested in a fitness photoshoot view packages below or learn more."

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