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10 Things to Bring to your Next Photoshoot

November 7 2023 | Isaias J

What should you bring to a photoshoot if you're getting photos taken? First of all congratulations on getting the extra step in before you photoshoot. This is a double check for what you should bring. Try and confirm with the photographer or stylists if you need to! Also check out: How Long Does a Photoshoot Take?

1. Change of Clothes

two people matching Preapre for a photoshoot

Think about different clothes or light shirts that you bring in with you. Also think about bringing different color bras as well when you do. Additionally, bringing different shoe wear can be helpful if there is not a wardrobe. Think of bringing flats if you are wearing heels. These are super essential so that if you do get tired of wearing heels you can easily change into flats while you are waiting.Additional accessories may include , hair ties, sunglasses. This may also be dependent on the season

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  • 2. Snacks

    Snack for photoshoot commercial

    Usually it doesn’t matter too much where and when the photoshoot is. You will be hungry after modeling or before the shoot. Bring with you some additional small snacks to keep you going.

    Depending on how long you are shooting for , plan accordingly. A good tip is also to not bring food that will stain your teeth. Think of small granola snacks. You can also bring a small water bottle with you as well. Another good idea is to bring gatorade!

    3. Small Lint roller

    Essential to bring for a photoshoot. Keep any danging hair off and make you clothing look clean and professional!

    4. Face wipes

    Face wipes can be a great idea to bring with you to a photoshoot. If you are outside during a photoshoot you can easily cool your body down. You will also remove any additional oil or sweat from your face!

    5. Repellent and sunscreen

    Sunscreen for photoshoots

    Often these two are overlooked. Repellent can be great if you are outside somewhere where there may be bugs that can surround you or annoy you. You don’t want to be swatting at bugs the whole time - try and bring a repellent.

    Additionally if you are doing an outside photoshoot don’t forget to bring sunscreen.With the UV light during the summer or even during the winter this can protect your skin from damage!

    6. Things to prepare for prior to the shoot

    Moisturize 3 days prior , this will allow your skin to look vibrant.

    7. Avoid acne breaking foods-

    not the end of the world. Some retouchers can deal with this. Best to avoid what makes you breakout the most. Although I may not be a dermatologist, some starts may be Dairy, Junk Food, Fast Food and some fats. These may not be the same for all skin types. Here is additonal guide of what to eat to a fitness photoshoots

    8. Get your nails done.

    Nails for a photoshoot

    Whether you are a guy or girl, try and cut your nails if the shoot requires it. Girls can also schedule an appointment to get their nails done ahead of time.

    9. Bring in a lookbook or moodboard -

    Lookbooks are generally for hair stylists and the MUA. This can bring together the makeup look you are going for in your photoshoot. The Mood boards have the concepts.You may also not be working directly on the mood board but you should communicate with the photographer on the direction of the photoshoot. Additionally you can save these images to your phone for easy reference later.

    10. Practice posing and learn the creative direction.

    Learning posing ideas is a great idea. Look here for some pose example. Additonal photoshoot poses for instagram

    Women Posing with Sunglasses

    This article went over some of the things to bring to a photoshoot and also some things to prepare for before a photoshoot! Best of luck on your next photoshoot. Additionally you can download the Tip list into a phone sized image to save for viewing!Learn what to wear - Best Times to Take Photos

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