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Fall Poses for Instagram

What are some Fall instagram photo ideas? What kind of poses can you do? This article goes over some fall photo shoot inspirations for 2022

#1 Pose on a bench

Man under tree fall

You can do a few poses on a local park bench or a chaor. Lean forward with your elbows on your knees.

Aim your feet toward the camera and look at the camera.

Look for benches with trees and plants around to take advantage of the fall leaves. In this image you can see on the sidewalk there are many leafs all around with different lighting conditions.

Time of day/ Weather: Shooting on cloudy days during the fall may be the only time to get photos- don’t be afraid! Cloudy can create even light when you are posing. Aim for shooting early on in the day or afternoon. Night photographs may become more tricky to get the falls in there full vibrance.

#2 Looking back

Ideas for Fall instagram photos

There are many variations to this look. Generally you want to be a good distance from the photographer depending on what they are using to shoot with. Walk or stroll away from the camera and then angle yourself 45 degrees from the camera while looking back. You can shift your gaze either directly at the camera or forward.

Also be mindful of your hands and arms. As in this photograph much of the womens body is covered by the overcoat.

It is a good idea to choose the photos that have the right amount of headspots but also the focus on you, the subject.

Best fall photoshoot poses

#3 Kneeling in leaves

Photography poses

If you have the ability to kneel with your outfit try it out! Try and find an open area where you can get your photo taken and kneel.

Shift your weight from one side of your body to the other. It is also best to either twist or go shift your body at an angle. This way your body can look defined rather than a straight shape. This is not to change your body shape but to give a less structured look.

Also make sure you feel comfortable in these positions and don’t create too much tension while you are doing them.

It is essential for the camera to be at eye level with you as well.

#4 Overhead pose

Girl laughing near tree

This one gets your photographer to shoot you from above.

You will want to make sure that your hair is fine tuned and that it doesn’t spread out that much depending on what you want to achieve.

Keep your arms tucked closely in if you are doing a portrait. You can also use your one hand to rest your head and another to balance yourself close to your belly or abdomen.

Common expressions may be laughter and joy or relaxation.

You can laugh and smile and hold up leaves or pumpkins for props.

This type of portrait is an overhead portrait. Both portrait and landscape modes have their own advantages to making these images pop!

#5 Use your wardrobe.

Instead of posing, make it natural and have the focal point be your wardrobe. Have your wardrobe guide you.

Try out poses standing up and at an angle away from the camera. Gaze into the camera this way.

Some common fall outfits and clothing may include

Hats and hoodies
Cowboy Boots


Turtle neck sweaters. These styles can also help bring life to your poses. Move in similar directions as your clothes or in the best way your clothing pieces would fit you.>

Examples for cowboy boots include showing them off. Sit down on stairs and shift your weight of sitting down. Here the women has her hand over one knee straight up and the other knee bent at an angle.You can also do standing portraits. Here this women is shifting her weight on the left side of her body while she has the right side of her body up. While also using her arms to define her look.

#6 Lean with a Cardigan

Fall photoshoot ideas

Cardigans can be created for texture. They also have a unique flow to them when photographing them. Aim for moving your arms and elbows to create depth.

In this image the woman has her hans rested on a table while holding her sunglasses.

Her other arms are relaxed and down. This allows the cardigan to show some depth. You can also use your arms to create triangles and lean forward. A popular way to define yourself in posing is using triangles.

#6 Rest with Gloves

Friend photoshoot

Bringing a good pair of gloves with you can also be great too while taking photos. You can use these to complement and hand movements or posing you may do.

You rest them on your cheek or use them when taking stroll shots.

#7 Lean on a tree

Posing against tree

Find a tree and lean on it! Don’t lean all the way back though, lean forward and move your arms forward as well. This will create depth and less tension in the phtograph.Don’t forget to smile!#8 Sit under a treeTake an angle to sit next to a tree. Have your legs out in front of you. In this photo she is at a side profile from the tree looking at the tree.

Another example would be to change your leg positions and have your arms in a position to look at the camera as well.

#9 Extend your arms

Friends photograph

Feel free look! away from the camera and bring your arms out in excitement.

These are some fall pose ideas for your photoshoot. Next time your out in the forest or a pumpkin patch you can save these ideas and bring them with you to take some awesome photos. Learn more out more about places to go fall photoshoots, fall wardrobe and fall couple ideas.


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