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What to Wear for A Fall Photoshoot? (All you need to know)

October 18 2022Envision

Okay so what should you wear for a fall photoshoot?

Wearing enough or not enough can make a photoshoot more comfortable and stress free. Read more about Winter Outfits Here. This guide will lay out what you should wear during the fall for a photoshoot.

Starting off there are a few important things like what to bring to a photoshoot and how to pose for a fall photoshoot. - make sure to check these out.

Layer to keep you warm

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Layering you clothing can be super important when you go to any photoshoot but especially in the fall and winter months. Layers may include having clothes underneath your fashionable clothes to keep you warm.

A couple of rules to this is to keep under-wear light enough so that it does not bulge out too much or overflow from the front layer. Also make sure that it is light in the warmth sense. You don’t want to be sweating while making too many movements.

Layers also include wearing things over your outfit. This may be included in the photos or brought along with you to keep you warm. Some common ones are larger puffer jackets and wool blankets for example.

Jackets and coats

Photoshoot ideas for fall

Oftentimes the fall can be hit or miss for the weather. One day may be bright and sunny, the next windy and drizzly. Make sure that you are ready for anything by reading this and also communicate with your photographer or director if you should reschedule.

Lightweight nylon jackets are fantastic when dealing with wind and rain. This allows you to keep warm, avoid rain on your outfit and block off wind. Wind (especially in the midwest) can be a photoshoot killer. It is best to think of this when going out in this type of weather, This also works well with puffer jackets and filled coats with polyester.

Larger cotton filled coats can also be incredibly helpful during fall photoshoot. Think of a combination of cold weather and large winds. You can take off this large coat when you are shooting and in between going to new locations to keep you warm. This is best when you are already in your final outfit and you will NEED to be warm the entire time.

Boots, Shoes and Socks.

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Everything at the end of the day will come down to the style of the shoot. But if you can get away with wearing warmer shoes or change during shooting, try and do it.

Socks are one of the most important ways to stay warm. I personally use cotton long socks to stay warm and stand longer in the winter. These are perfect because they keep heat in and don’t let the wind and cold get to your feet.

Boots and shoes are also important. Try not to bring anything that can easily get cold. But don’t worry too much about it.

Did anyone bring gloves?

Gloves!! So important. Gloves will keep your hands warm and allow you to move them during and after the photoshoot.

What happens if you forget something?

Leaning against tree pose ideas for models

Forgetting enough layers may cause some cosmetic and real issues during the shoot and cause discomfort. Although some discomfort is common sometimes , making sure that you are safe and everyone on set is safe as well make sure to keep warm.

Cosmetically if you do not stay warm enough blood circulation will increase and in many body types you will begin to become red. Redness is due to blood circulation to keep you warm. You may also become more stiff. Common places of coldness include the hands/ backhands, ears, nose and cheeks.

Stiffness is also something that may occur in your hands or in your body movements from coldness. You may also shiver to keep warm that may make a photoshoot difficult. Remember everyone should be safe during a photoshoot.

If you do forget enough to wear or fear that you will be too cold during the shoot let a director, photographer or stylist know about your concern. There should be a work around for this to keep you safe and able to get through the shoot.

Styling and colors

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This section will go over some ideas as far as styling for your photoshoot.

Starting off with shirts and tops- it is best to avoid any shirts that have logos, this can be very distracting for the final images. Unless it is for a brand or a company you should avoid these.

Solid colors are great. Look at the article on what to wear with couples. Try and coordinate together colors that are good for you.

It is also worth keeping in mind the season colors and the time of the season. Generally fall has more muted and bright leaf colors. The leaves may change week to week so you can try and determine from that what you would like your images to look like.

You can also go for more formal looks rather than casual. This can include suits and dresses. Depending on the occasion this may be exactly what you need to bring to your next photoshoot.

Additional Inspiration

<Portrait photography tips Ideas for Fall instagram photos

Need some extra inspiration? Some great places that allow you to get ideas include pinterest and interest. You can search for Fall Photoshoot family, Fall photoshoot couples or fall outfits men/women/x for more examples.

Now that you have learned what to wear for a fall photoshoot, learn more about poses you can do for your next fall photoshoot to share and become confident during the shoot!

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