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How to Take Fall pictures [Complete Guide]

August 14, 2023 12:22 AM by Isaias J | Fall Photoshoots

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What should you wear during fall photoshoots? How should you edit fall photos? Where should you take photos during the fall?

So you want to Take Fall Photos? This far in the series I have shared how to edit fall photos, take poses for fall photos, best times to take fall photos and what to wear for fall photoshoots. This article brings in all those together to give you a complete guide for taking fall photos.

The article is divided into Getting setup, subjects, posing and what to wear and editing. Take your time and take screenshots! Let's get started.

Setting up a fall photoshoot

Best fall photoshoot poses

Photo Taken By Shix Arts/ Nenad Stojkovic

When you are starting a fall photoshoot it is a good idea to remember the basics of any good photoshoot. The easiest way is gaining inspiration and thinking of cool ideas to do for a photoshoot. Some great places to find inspiration include Pinterest, Instagram , Google Images or TikTok.

Next, think of what camera you will be using. Today’s iPhones and Android Smartphones can match the quality of a Professional camera so don’t think too much about that.

If you are shooting on a professional camera learn more about taking stunning photos and ways to get the most out of your camera. Along with finding inspiration, find places in your local area that match the vibe. Also think about traveling during the time too. Common places for fall photoshoots may include Pumpkin Patches, Festivals, in the park or forest.

***It is essential that you are decisive when you take your photos during the fall. Week by week the leaves change. It is best to do them earlier rather then later. If you have to retake the images you can do this again later on**

When should you go out for a Fall Photoshoot?

Portrait photography tips

The timing of the fall leaves varies state to state. Use the following map on this website to best understand when your state reaches its peak and decline for leaves.

Additionally days are shorter during the fall months and therefore the amount of time you will have for bright photos will be limited. Anytime of the day is fine to take photos (best time to take photos). However each time difference will produce a different amount of light and direction - so keep this in mind.

Generally there are 3 times to keep in mind. Mid-day where the sun is directly above you, generally producing hard light. Sunset or sunrise when the sun is towards the horizon and creates a golden color (also known as golden hour) and blue hour. These are the most times you will be outside when shooting.

There are also other times like midnight and nocturnal night. These times are early in the morning and late at night. Generally you won’t see much at this time so I’ll skip them for the sake of this article.

What do I take photos of?

Photoshoot ideas for fall

The most common answer is portraits. But there are plenty of other great subjects such as public events, festivals, art fairs, farmers markets and more. You can also create self portraits or take photos of objects or landscapes.

Essentially the list can go on as far as your creativity goes on. We’ll dive into portraits later on in this article too.

Landscapes are a great subject matter in the fall. As stated before it is best to plan out when you want to shoot and the color of the leaves during this time. This will ensure that you get the photographs that you want.

I find that with landscapes it is best to take them early. One if you don’t know how busy you may be in the future and two because the weather is usually unpredictable weeks out. Have fun and remember to use a large aperture number. Take the images back to photoshop and adjust any discolorations as well. Try shoting in Raw Format.

Shooting Street Photography can also be interesting during the fall because you will have different subjects and clothing then you do in the winter, spring or summer months.

Portraits! Ah yes. Portraits are a great subject during fall. Whether it be a single portrait or a group portrait, these are great and fun photos to take.

Portraits can be for social media pages, yearbook photos or family photos for example. The key to portraits in the fall are great outfits, poses and smiles!

Products and advertising campaigns. Seasonality is very important when getting to the final months of the year. Taking product/lifestyle/advertising photos during these months combine customers with your brand during these months. It is a good idea if you have a lifestyle brand to use this time to get out into the fall leaves and ambience for great photos.

Posing for Fall Photos

Aesthetic Fall leaves

Posing for fall photos outdoors can be great and extend your creativity. Here are a few ideas of what you can do to get some great poses in for the Fall Season

[ Find a tree and a leafy area. Take time to take photos around the tree. You can either sit straight up. [Instead of leaning in without only your arms you can use something else- a tree. Although trees are not the only thing to lean on. Other examples may include decorative walls, bricks, benches, ]

Editing the Photos

Girl looking up

Okay so you’ve finished taking the photos. Now how should you go about editing the photos?

First go back and adjust the white balance of the photo. The white balance gives an example of where the whitest part of the image is.

During the fall months many trees will be red, orange and brown. This will skew the white balance to compensate for this color. Your images may look bluer than normal. This is the reason why, and you can fix this by adjusting to warmer colors. Although after editing this may be intuitive it is important at the start.

Putting together a preset can also be a very helpful way to edit your photos. This way you can copy and paste similar settings onto the rest of your photos. If you would like to learn more I recommend checking out the full article of editing photos for fall.

This article has gone over some ideas for taking your own fall photos. From posing, what clothes to wear during fall. Get ready for your next photoshoot -

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