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How to Shoot during Golden Hour

By @ijyoyo | October 28 2023 | Envision

How to shoot during golden hour

Golden Hour occurs 45 minutes after sunrise and 45 minute before. Golden hour is the time of day where the sun is just above the horizon and creates amazing lighting for photos.

This article will share golden hour photography Tips and Tricks

If you want good photos that illuminate your photos for videos or photos, use golden hour. Golden hours introduce red, orange, and yellow tones into your photographs.

During this duration the sunlight also is farther away from the earth which provides softer light and less harsh shadows compared to midday photographs.


  • When time is Golden Hour?
  • Golden Hour vs Blue Hour
  • How to Shoot Golden Hour
  • When Time is golden hour?

    Golden Hour occurs twice during the day. 45 minutes before sunrise and 45 minutes before sunset.

    It is important to plan ahead to use the 45 minutes to the fullest. Golden Hour is available when the sun is out and zero to no clouds. What time is golden hour?

    Best rule of thumb is to arrive early during golden hour to not miss out on changing cloud movement or if you are running late. Golden Hour changes minutely different from the seasons and the region, so make sure you know what time it occurs!

  • 45 minutes before sunset
  • 45 Minutes after sunrise

  • Another rule of thumb is to stay around the local area for longer until you reach blue hour. This way you can get the most out of your photoshoot during this duration.

    You can find out the golden hour time by searching online what time Golden Hour is in your area. Or ask siri !!

    What is Golden Hour and Blue Hour photography?

    What is golden hour and blue hour photography? Golden hour provides yellow, orange hues, while blue hour provides blue hues. Blue hour follows and precedes golden hour, it is likely you will see them both during one photoshoot.

    What is blue hour photography? Golden hour you will still have the ability to shoot outside without any underexposed images.

    Blue hour occurs just before sunrise and right after sunset. It is great for softlight, blue light and using artificial lighting techniques.

  • Blue Hour = Blue Hues
  • Golden Hour = Golden Hues

  • How Do I Shoot During Golden Hour?

    Some golden hour photography tips include the location, your exposures, and your white balance. These are all crucial for golden hour photography settings.

    Pick a Location

    Locations are important for getting well exposed , colorful and soft golden hour photos.
    One thing to always remember is that Sunrise rises in the East and Sunset is in the West.

    You can also use the tool photographers Elephremis to help you determine where the sun will be at when you are shooting. This will save you time during a photoshoot to find the perfect lighting opportunities.

    What is Golden Hour

    Check Your Exposure

    Always make sure to check your exposure! Checking your exposure is important to always check during this period.

    You may try auto- but beware. When the light falls more and more, you will need to brighten your exposure!

    During sunrise make sure to check for over exposed images, I usually stop shooting during 9:00 am where the sun is too high in the sky and creates undesirable shadows for a golden hour shoot. During sunset I check for under exposed images. You can also check this with the Histogram.

    I usually stick around until blue hour to optimize how many photos I can take while at a location.

    Checking your exposure as the sun goes down prevents overblowing highlights like the white sky and underexposing a subject.

    Check Your White Balance

    Lastly, check your white balance. White balance will make or break some of your photos during golden hour.

    Most likely you want the yellow hued photos, however if you are on auto white balance the hue will lean more blue to compliment the sun's red rays.

  • Find the Right Location
  • Check Exposure and White Balance

  • A suggestion is to set your calvin to the warm side. Otherwise you can change your settings to something sunny. Daylight will give you warm colors, as it get warmer you will need to change the white balance or change it in post.

    Conclusion: Golden Hour

    Golden hour provides softlight, it is a natural lighting time and one of the best times to take photos during the day. Golden hour lasts around 45 minutes before sunrise and 45 minutes before sunset.

    Hopefully this article has given you some insight of what golden hour is and how you can use it in your next golden hour photoshoot ideas.

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