The 5 Best Places to Take Photos in Madison
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Top 5 Photo spots in Madison Wisconsin

By @ijyoyo | July 05 2022 | Madison Wisconsin

This list of 5 places in Madison Wisconsin will help you narrow down where you want to shoot and help you discover new locations.

These are some of my favorite places and my photographer friends favorite so if you want to learn more keep reading!

    1. Madison Capital

The Madison capital is one of the best free open areas to take photos.

Not only is there a campus around the building there is the building itself.

You can take all kinds of photos here for your Instagram page! It is a great place for portraits.

    2. UW Union Terrace

The Union Terrace is filled with different lighting angles and is right next to the Mendota Lake.

It is perfect for outdoor portraits and you can enjoy some food while your taking pictures!

Map courtesy of Wanderlog, the best trip planner app on iOS and Android

    3. Madison Public Library

This library bring in lots of light into the building and is an amazing place to shoot indoors!

    4.James Madison Park

A Very underrated spot in Madison, Wisconsin. Perfect for Fitness Photoshoots

Those are the top 5 best locations near Madison Wisconsin! Make sure to send your photos and use the hashtag #madisonwi !

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