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Who I am

Hello my name Is Isaias Jacobi, I am a 19 year old college student attending UW-Milwaukee for Marketing. I am a big pet fun , I grew up with at least 5 cats and 3 dogs growing up. When I’m not taking photos or working on my business I like taking runs and exercising at the gym. I also love a good book now and again to relax my mind.

Prints? What, cool!

The majority of this set has been updated to some of the most popular photos on my platforms. The opportunity presented itself to visit all across the United States in the summer of 2020. The idea was to share images that reflect vibrance in the world.


How much are they?

Great Question! The large 13x19 inch prints are $79.99 for one 13x19 inch print.

They are also avaliable in 8x10 inches for $29.99 and 4x6 inches for $9.99!

Do your Frame them?

Yes framing is avalible, please refer to the product page for more information.