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By @ijyoyo | November 10 2020 | Envision

My Year like many others has been full of ups and downs. Quarantine and more. I am happy to announce I am releasing my second addition of photography art prints.

This year in particular brought me through many triumphs. The biggest one was getting kicked out of my house in the middle of the chaos of the world. During this time I struggled to find and continue my purpose in life. Many things led me to traveling across the United States.

milwaukee wall art

What I Still Have to Learn

Things seem to happen to people. There might not be a reason. Some things might happen by chance. Most of me traveling around the United States at 19 has had an impact on my everyday thinking. I still uncover new things each day and try and remember what it’s like to be geographically dispersed.

The Main Character

A great part of my work is putting myself into the shoes of others. Weather that is on the streets or photographing some landscape. I find it fascinating to follow a perspective. My journey included taking a train for 28 days across the United States alone. I traveled from the Midwest to the Pacific NorthWest. I stayed a few days in Seattle and then went to California.

Seattle was a magnificent city. The landscape was beyond amazing. The Mountains peered over the hills and across the lakes. The environment is clean, evergreen. The entrance of the main city was full of tall trees, arial lakes. Washington was one of the most beautiful states I have ever seen. I also came across Roomates where I lodged.

These gave me a spark of creativity from the Sweden I met that explained his wife’s expired visa in Canada and the UC Berkley Student who had lost his job due to the pandemic. This period was a great reflection and a great time to view the cities through a different lens. Scraped away from the joys of the city and a separate state. This Seattle Wall art is of the skyline, seattle wall art. seattle landscape wall art print

I also met travelers from California that invited me to take their photograph for instagram. We have since stayed in communication. Kerry Park was the most amazing point of view that I saw during this trip. The entirety of the city was seen from that perspective. These photos were also printed out.

milwaukee wall art

In california I rested in a hotel and met a carpenter named Jeff Bezos. Him and his wife were empathetic about my story. About my journey to travel the entire United States. This point I was doubtful if I could do it. If I had enough saved up to make it throughout the Entire United States. This couple shared stories of their own youth, their goals and suggested that I go Lake Tahao. That’s Exactly what I did next.

The town of Truckee was great. The hills rolled, the air felt clean. The people were incredibly nice as well. There I met a man who gave me insight about the town and everything that had occurred within the previous month. Lake Tahoe North was beyond anything I could have imagined. Although these are not included in the set I decided to spend my day hiking and enjoying the outdoors to the fullest. This was a great release of staying in cities to further my venture.

Chicago gave me a lot of excitement as well when I arrived. Chicago had the iconic buildings and monuments that I had heard and seen of for so long. I spent my time strategically figuring out where to take photos, and how to get to them fast enough for the perfect lighting. Chicago was one of my favorite cities to photograph in this set.

Chicago wall print New York was my all time favorite location to take photos at. I had the opportunity to stroll the streets and compose with a variety of different weather conditions. New York during this time was slowly coming more alive. The urban environment is something I loved to photograph and I wanted to include many pieces from the 4 days I was there. Taking photos and finding the stories is what drove the long 4 days of constant shooting to capture these moments. New York Wall art, new york city art prints, new york city rainy prints wall art, new york wall art framed.

New Orleans had a culture that I had not experienced before. New Orleans and the french quarter were very inviting to me. The street life was inclusive to the acts of jazz and band playing. It felt like your background didn’t matter there, as long as you were there. I spent the day strolling the streets of the french quarter and meeting local street performers that had mastered their own crafts. It was a great reminder to view the beauty in the world. Much of the time the music of choice originated from New Orleans. new orleans wall art, New orleans wall art prints, new orleans travel print

This year

This year shared some important parts about the world. I began quarantine with the constraints of staying inside and getting creative and evoking motivation to continue on. I emphasised remaining strong during the uncertain time of unemployment, depression. These photos are the bright and vibrant to remind people to relax, take it easy, sitback and have hope, motivation and courage.

The year has been filled with many differen triumphs for many different people. I find it especially helpful to generate my feelings from other people. I have talked with my friends, acquaintances in the United States and beyond.

The Prints

These prints are printed all in house. Something that has always been important is packaging and printing the photos off to the finest perfection. I get to package and view each print. The prints include Seattle prints, New Orleans, New York, North Carolina, New York City, Chicago, Milwaukee and much more. photography art prints for sale, fine art photography prints for sale, fine art landscape photography prints for sale, large landscape photography prints

This is the 2020 Collection- Limited Time buy a print today

milwaukee wall art