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The 10 Best Fitness Couple Photoshoot Ideas

November 13 2022Fitness

Are you looking to do a fitness photoshoot as a couple? What are some good ideas for a pair of two people?

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1. Running Activities

Outdoor Jogging Indoor | Trend Mills

Think of doing Running activities together. Think of wearing similar jogging attire or similar colored sneakers. There are different places to take these images as well. Think about Outdoor jogging on the side of a road or a path. This can be an excellent way to do an outdoor photoshoot and enjoy the weather.

Think of getting photos while preparing to run and occasionally look at each other. Don’t forget to bring common accessories like Smart Watches, headphones and water bottles.

Additionally you can try going to an indoor gym and take photos on a treadmill next to each other. Get your photographer to record you from an angle so that you are both in the shot for example this may be above or near eye level.

Another idea to possibly do is to have the photographer at ankle lower for a snapshot underneath.

2. Circuit Workout

Get a quick workout together that will allow you many different shots to be done. Give yourself enough time to cool down before you decide to workout . Fitness Photoshoot may last 1 hour to an hour and a half. Don’t forget to bring water.

Getting a workout together you both can do together may include working together or workouts where you may need a spotter. This can be perfect for workout photoshoot ideas.

Don’t forget to bring a towel to wipe off any sweat that you may have during the photoshoot. This may be an everyday workout so plan accordingly as well.

Ask your photographer if there are any additional shots or workouts that may emphasize the best parts of both or one of you. For example if you want to show your triceps do upper body workouts like curls. If you want to show your quads try deadlifting workouts. You can also work on a general conditioning workout.

3. Boxing Against Each Other

If you happen to have a boxing area in your gym and you regularly box this is the perfect idea for you. Think of getting a glove and boxing against each other.

You can either do this in the box or indoors in the gym you are in. This can show an intense workout and intense emotional photos. This moment may be fast so make sure you are prepared. Don’t forget to warm up beforehand for your fitness photoshoot.

4. Cycling

If you like riding a bike or cycling this is perfect for you. There may be two different ways to do this. You can do indoor cycling or outdoor cycling. Indoor will be more accessible and will get your great pictures. Get a studio space open so you can take photos and get a couple fitness photoshoots indoors.

You can also go outside with bikes and get photos together. Think about getting some side by side, or looking at each other. You can also try and get more candid shots like getting ready, stopping and looking at each other.

5. Water Sports

Who said you have to be on the ground? Try going in the water for a few shots to make something unique. This may work also with a group of people as well. Try and get photos with water sports. Think of going to a private pool or a lake for these shots.Choosing a water sport or even having a sport prop like a basketball, tennis ball, football or water ball that can allow you to show your fitness physique. You will get the best of both your worlds. Think of playing a quick game that will allow you to move around and get some photos together.

Try getting shots even before getting in, while on the sidelines or in the middle of a pool or lake.

If you are a water aerobics instructor this can be great for you as well.

6. Tennis

Another Fitness Photoshoot Idea for Couples includes playing a Game of Tennis. Playing tennis and tennis courts in general are great places to take photos. Not only in a fashion sense but in a fitness focused way as well.

Tennis is a great sport to play together to show your fit and to have similar outfits as well. Get out your visors and tennis shoes for this one. Try and play a match and get shots both together of either competition or fun.

7. Body Builders

Are you two body builders? No problem. This is the perfect idea that you need to add to your photoshoot and think about. Bodybuilding is all about sculpting. Share that sculpting together. Think about sharing images that show you working out with your most common equipment.

Think of additional poses together by flexing your muscles. Also keep in mind triangles when you are posing for your fitness photoshoot. Triangles either in your arms or legs will help show off a little bit more of those muscles!

Don’t be afraid to share your progress! This can be an inspiration for others even if they don’t say it.

8. Cardio Workouts

Although we already went over a few of the cardio workouts, try all cardio workouts together. Think of this as your warm up as well. Think of doing hanging push ups or pushups. Think of different Abdominal workouts as well. These can work very well with a partner.

Think of using a weighted bell to take photos together doing a task.

Another common workout is the weighted rope that allows you to get awesome emotional strength images that can inspire others. Full like a Bada** together!

9. Yoga

If you are both into yoga this can be perfect for you. Yoga and peacefulness go together very well. Get together in either a room of people or you two with each other. Think of placing your mats a few inches from each other - think maybe 6 inches for example.

You can either have your yoga mats placed side by side on the long half or side by side on the short half. You can decide which yoga poses you would like to see together.

Get a list together of the yoga poses that you want to do together. Make sure to extend this list and see if both of you can do them. Harmony can be a great thing to do together on your fitness couple photoshoot.

10. Dumbells & Benches

Lastly, think about getting some free weights or dumbbells and start working on the benches.

Free weights are great because there are many different fitness photoshoot ideas that you can do with them. For example you can think about doing bulgarian squats with free weights, overhead crunches. Make sure you get a list of different workouts to do together that you can easily coordinate.

Also think of using benches for curls together as well. There are unlimited amounts of ideas after getting free weights.


This article went over 10 Best Fitness Couple Photoshoot Ideas so that you can have some ideas going into a fitness Photoshoot. If this was helpful, read more about setting up a fitness photoshoot. Best of luck on your Photoshoot!

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