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Why Setup a Fitness Photoshoot?

Working out and running is one of my favorite ways to blow off extra energy from the day and also stay fit. Whether that be using the treadmill or setting up a workout plan.

Today we will look at How to create a Fitness Photoshoot. This includes what to wear to fitness photoshoots,what to eat before a fitness photoshoot, fitness photoshoot ideas and more!

What to wear to a fitness photoshoot

What should you wear to your fitness photoshoot? First I would choose 1-2 sets of clothes if you need to change or want to mix it up.

Leave it tight but not too tight

Go for athletic wear. Something that will be flexible enough to move. I’ve seen too many times where people wear tight shirts or pants that don’t allow as much movement as they could.

It is also best to avoid large logos that can distract from the actual photoshoot. Depending on the reason for the shoot this may not be a requirement but it sure helps.

For ladys-

Try athletic shorts or a sports bra. These can work well in grey, black or white colors. Neutral colors are amazing for these types of photoshoots.

Fitness photoshoot examples

What to eat before a fitness photoshoot

Watching what you eat before a photoshoot can reduce bloating, create the best physique to a photoshoot.

Reducing Bloating

A general basket of foods include Ginger, Fennel, Lemons, Avocados and Papaya. My personal favorites that work really well are ginger and avocados because of their ease of use and taste.

What not to eat before a fitness photoshoot

Foods to avoid include lentils, certain vegetables, diary products, and high fructose fruit. These are essentially high fiber foods which may cause dietary issues or bloating.

Water reduction.

Reducing your water retention will allow your body to tone your body better. Some foods that help with reducing it include lemons, coffee and tea, mint, lemon and lime, fresh ginger. You can also drink more to reduce your water.

Avoid processed food and salt

These can irritate the skin and cause water buildup.

Watch carb intake

This depends on how your body reacts to carb intake. However generally try and use a low carb diet following up to the photoshoot.

All of these are suggestions and do not need to be followed. Consult a professional for guidance for a healthy balance. There are also phenomenal makeup artists to help with some of the work as well. But it is usually almost better to be prepared than not.

How to pose for a fitness photoshoot

Posing for fitness photoshoots is the best part. You can show dynamics of the human body and aesthetic in a unique way. I would highly suggest checking out this pinterest board or creating your own board [creating a moodboard in pinterest, iphone photos] to help you create ideas on poses; however here are some popular ones as well.


When you are first starting out during the photoshoot you may have already stretched. Even better, you can capture it on camera! You can try different poses like the ones below. For example [bringing your legs up and creating a crane like shape]. Here you will get some great angles especially from the side.

Women stretching fitness photoshoot

Here is another example. This one involves the bench that works to stabilize the women. You can also do other stretches on Yoga mats or with your arms. Below is an example of one on a yoga mat. These warm-up stretches take 10-15 minutes and are a starter to the fitness photoshoot.

Woman stretching outside balancing on bench

Photo by kike vega on Unsplash

Yoga Poses

Going further and extending your stretches you can get into yoga poses if you know some. Popular ones include the Lotus Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Cobra Pose, Warrior II

Visit these resources for Yoga examples : https://www.doyou.com/the-10-most-popular-yoga-poses/ https://greatist.com/move/common-yoga-poses Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash

 women fitness photoshoot yoga pose

Jumps and Tricks


This is a broad category but I’ll sum it up into one word- action.

Yoga Excesies

Whether this by jumping in the air, doing lunges, front or back flips this is your go to. This may take several times to get the shot and the pose working together. Work together with your photographer to make pauses during the photoshoot to hydrate and retain stamina (although you probably have it in the bag , hydrating is so important).

Jumping in the air is an example of a fun freeze frame photo. Depending on the mood of the photoshoot you can change expressions and model either towards the camera or away.

photo by atlas green Photo by Atlas Green on Unsplash

Lifting pose

This pose is your standard lifting. This will mostly be up to the photographer how they want to photograph the actual action. Additional props include bringing in dumbbell props or workout equipment into your photoshoot. Some great lifting to do may be arm extensions, barbell curls.

personal fitness trainers near me

Working with a personal fitness trainer can be super beneficial. They can keep you accountable and help you with new workouts.

Getting a gym workout routine outside of your Photoshoot

When I do go to the gym I plan for 3-4 days. One day I will work on cardio. Another day I will work on my upper body or back and another day I will work on lower legs. There are also days where I work only on running and that is sufficient sometimes for me. Depending on your fitness goals this can vary.

black shoes and black dumbell

On most workouts I stretch for about 10 minutes and or run for 10 minutes averaging about a mile and a half.

You can also use supplements like pre-workout to help when you are working. This will allow your body to have more protein available to solidify gains.

Fitness Photoshoots Ideas

I currently offer fitness styled photoshoots. They are full of energy each time I attempt to do them. I’ve worked with Emma before and this one the weather was nice to do it outdoors in some awesome locations around Madison, Wisconsin.

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I’ve worked and done photos and videos with Jack Kwan, a legend who had the opportunity to be on Titan Games with the Rock! Here we did multiple photoshoots doing kicks and jumps.

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jack kwan photoshoot

Another more recent shoot I have done inside the gym is with Marvin. Marvin had a great idea to head to the gym and create a boxing montage. This video turned out well and got the movement we were looking to capture.

Fitness photoshoot examples Fitness photographer

Where to Do a Fitness Photoshoot

Along with how to do a fitness photoshoot this one is vital. Thinking of this ahead of starting a fitness photoshoot weather you are getting your photos taken or taking the photos this is vital

Places to take fitness photoshoots include local venues, local landmarks, gyms, basketball courts, outdoor fields, parks.


This article went over several things to plan for during a fitness photoshoot. Planning for fitness photoshoots help to create the images you envision and desire. Are you ready for your next photoshoot?