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How Much Does a Fitness Photoshoot Cost?


Fitness photoshoots depend on a few thingslocation, lighting, time of day, props. Although some photographers may charge you on a per hour basis there is more behind the scenes that you are paying for such as expertise, props, location and editing time. View Prices

Location Finding

Your location is where the final images will be taken. For example if they are taken in a gym studio or outdoors. Some locations may require a fee to get your photos taken inside of them. Often you will have to ask permission to do so. Renting a gym space may cost anywhere from $40 - $200 for a production or photoshoot

There is also the opportunit to take photos inside a photostudio- this will give more flexibility as for the lighting conditions of your final images. You can have dynamic lighting that is available. It may also cost less then renting out an entire gym studio.

Outfit changes

When setting up a fitness photoshoot it is worth thinking about how many different outfits you would like to wear. The more you change the different scene the photographer may need to switch and edit.

Ideally you would like photos in each outfit so this extends the amount of photos you will get back at the end.

Changing outfits can be a great way to change things up and get more content in one shoot. It is common to have 2-3 different outfits to change to. This can be different however.

Changing into 3+ is common for branding photoshoots where you need to photograph different SKU numbers.

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Expertise and Experiance

The photographer expertise and experience is also a top priority when finding out a price. You can either go with their style and trust them or have a budget in mind.Photographers range from $50-$1000 dollars for photoshoots. This is a rough estimate.

What does photographer expertise look like? The photographer may have professionalism, a solid portfolio, knowledge of light and any other necessary skills needed for your photoshoot.

Think of professionalism as communcation. A photographer portfolio should also show their work that they are able to do and match what you want in a photographer. The expertise of a photographer will also show their use of both natural and artificial light. Their ability to shape and form photographs this way to make them appealing for you. The photographer should also have the skills that are required such as editing, your final photographs.

Editing is a grand deal when thinking of a fitness photographer. Depending on the photographer they may use an additional retoucher. This is important so your image look and match what you had imagined , assuming they match the similar style to their portfolio.

Additional skills may include resources and timeliness. Does this photographer have other resources if you need a stylists or a set designer? Is this photographer going to be on time to your photoshoot and send the photos on time.

Adding on Photoshoot Stylist

If you want your photoshoot in an exact way and want to keep everything flowing adding on a stylist from the photographer may be the way to go. Stylist can make sure to look for important parts of the scene to aid the photographer.


Props can be an important part to any photoshoot. Gyms for the most part should have gym material that you may need. But if you have anything else that you may want to bring such as gym mats, additional dumbbells, ropes or anything else these will go into the cost of your photoshoot. Make sure to discuss these with your photographer beforehand. There shouldn’t be any problem getting these!

Image Rights

Generally in the United States when a photographer take a photographer the photographer owns the rights to the image even though another person is in the photograph. It is important to have a photographer that understand if you need the rights to the photo.

Right to the photo may allow you to publish the photos else where on the internet, used them in print material or additional advertisements. Image rights are usually shown in a contract.

You may also pay more or less for additional rights to the images or licenses to use the image.

Now that you know some of the costs and the additional things you can add to a photoshoot you can better hire a photographer. Photoshoot costs may include image rights, expertise, outfits and the locations. The next step is preparing for a photoshoot.


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