How to Create a Instagram Carousel Post
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How to make a Instagram Carousel

By @ijyoyo | July 02 2020 | Tutorials

Have you ever seen those cool instagram carousel posts with edits between them? Learn how to create a collage file and export it for instagram!

Things You Need: Photoshop & Photos

    1. Choose your Size 🖼️

You are going to want to create a new document.
Instagrams vertical photo ratio is 4:3. You can use 1600 x 2000 as a base for 1 post.

For 1 Post use 1600 x 2000
For 2 Posts use 3200 x 2000
For 3 Posts use 4800 x 2000

Create a photoshop document using the above widths and heights in pixels at 72ppi.

    2. Rule(ers) matter, Lining everything up📏

No one likes them, however, this one will help you create your collage!

Go to the top Photoshop menu and click View > New Guide Layout > Custom

Make sure to uncheck margin and rows if checked.

Next to the columns put the number 3, any other information can be set to zero.

    3. Create your Collage

Import your photos and creat a simple collage you would like to post

Make a simple collage ,once this is finished learn how to save it!

    4. Save & Export

Probably the most important step!!

Go to View> Snap Guides . Then go to the square marquee tool & hit CTRL + C

Make sure the top bar has delete cropped pixels Unchecked.

Crop until you hit the first guide on the canvas and press enter.

Press CTRL + ALT + S to save and change it to JPEG or PNG. Press control Z to undo.

Repeat step 4 until you get through all the carousal slides.
Just like that your finished! Pretty cool Right! Now you can teach all your friends the same trick!

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