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How to stand out as a photographer

By @ijyoyo | November 4 2020 | Envision

Looking to stand out as a photographer? Wondering how to differentiate yourself as a photographer?

It can be challenging starting photography and trying to understand and find your style especially in today's world with social media.

This article will go over 5 tips to stand out as a photographer.

1. Finding Your Style

Find something that defines you. Identify things that make other photographers develop a style.

For example, look at ill koncepts photography and visualize how it looks. Many/ all of his shots are done in the city environment and he keeps with this similar theme.

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Another example is @Diabla (You can buy her prints here). Her images pop out right away to the eye. They capture emotion right away with shadows and the tints of reds.

Check out her prints


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Bare is another example. His name/brand is "bare" and he posts amazing landscape related images. His overall photography is a mix of natural mountainous landscapes, rivers and animals!

Check out his prints


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We will look further how you can create your own style and some photography techniques to help you along the way.

2. Story Telling

An important part of photography is storytelling.

What do you want people to think of when they see your image? What emotions does it invoke. Does it spark curiosity, adventure, hate, love?

This answers how to become a unique photographer - a consistent narrative is important in standing out as a photographer.

photography story telling by ijyoyo

3. Composing

Composing your shot a certain way can be one way to define your photography. Have you used the Rule of Thirds? The Golden Rule? Diagonals?

rule of thirds photography beginner tips and tricks Composing your shoot can take your photos to the next level

This also can be used with the perspective you shoot at, do you shoot at an angle. On the ground, eye level, or above?

A combination of composites will make you stand out! Consistency is key!

Don't forget what time you shoot at such as blue hour or golden hour .

4. Focus on one thing

What are your favorite things to shoot? Work on your strengths to define your style and then use those strengths to try other styles.

up-close nature photography If you like nature photography, stick with that. Learn from other nature photographers. If you like street photography then learn more about street photography.

5. Combine Styles

The last tip is look at other photographers for inspiration. Don’t copy their style exactly but try something similar , or even combine more then one inspiration together using a moodboard.

A combination of great photographers and how to develop an eye for photography will make you stand out among the crowd!


Using a combination of styles, working on composing and story telling are all great ways to stand out as a photographer. You don’t need new gear necessarily to develop your style.

All you need is a trained eye. The next step you can take is learning lighting to it’s fundamentals.

Learn about natural lighting here to change your perspective of light

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