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The Best Photography Reddits For Beginners and Pros]

January 1 2023Envision

Today we are talking about the Best Photography Subreddits to Checkout. If you are a photographer of any kind like a portrait photographer, wedding photographer, landscape photographer, commercial photographer, sports photographer or nature photographer these are the subreddits to check out.

This idea came to me from a friend during New Years. Sharing the different subreddits that we found helped us create a list. I also added some other subreddits that may be of interest to photographer



This subreddit is great for photo tips. If you are new to photography or want to find some photography tips this is your place. I find it also helpful to share opinions and answers to questions if you are a seasoned photographer.

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Another great place to find common questions. Sometimes there are more gear focused questions that you want answers. Maybe you are looking to change lens or understand more about why your photos look a certain way. This is the perfect subreddit for that.


This subreddit is filled with amazing landscape photographs. However instead of just a gallery of photos check the comments. The comments are filled with insights about the location, time of day and the different settings the photographer may have used during the photos.


The best subreddit to find camera gear and equipment. You can buy different types of camera gear as well. Here is where some photographers go to sell them.




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