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Head Shot vs Portrait


In this blog post, I’m going to go in-depth on the difference between headshot and portrait. In this article, I will also give definitions and examples of portraits and headshots. This article will help you understand the difference between headshot vs portrait.So let’s get started!

What is a headshot?

A photo becomes a headshot when a photographer takes a photo of your face hair and at shoulder lengthAs you can see in the image below, a close-up photo includes the hair, face, neck, and shoulders.

Headshots are usually captured in a studio with good lighting and focus on only one person.

The subject usually looks straight into the camera in a headshot.You have probably seen the use of headshots on the internet. People often use them for business purposes.For example, the LinkedIn profile picture, the image on the about us page, the corporate website, etc.

Although some people use headshots for dating sites and other social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.You might need headshots of yourself if you're an actor, model, fitness trainer, entrepreneur, or businessperson.


What is a portrait?

The goal of a portrait photo is to show the culture, beauty, emotions, personality, attitude, and style of the subject.The photographer tries to make a connection between the viewer and the portrait by evoking the emotions.Most people post portraits on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Other than that, people also use portraits for advertisements, blog posts, magazines, etc.

Difference between a Portrait and a Headshot?

Man staring outside of window

The best way to tell the difference between a portrait and a headshot is to know the purpose of the photos or for what reason you need the photos. People generally need headshots for business use. For example, LinkedIn profile image, corporate sites, article+blog about us page, email id profile image, and the picture on your resume.

A portrait tells the viewer about the subject’s style, beauty, personality, or attitude. Examples of portrait photography involve fashion photography, wedding photography, cultural photography, photographs of models, and Instagram posts. The list is much broader, but here I mentioned some of the examples so you can understand the concept of portrait photography.

Here’re some key differences between headshots and portrait:

1) How does the photographer take the photo?

Headshots are close-ups of your face, and the viewable things in the headshot are your head, head, and shoulder.The portrait has more space for the subject. The entire body could be visible in the portrait: the head, shoulders, or even just the head.

2) How many subjects are in the frame?

A headshot focuses on one subject, while a portrait could have more than one subject, or even one.

3) Where is the best place to take photographs?

Women looking directly at camera Blonde women in a garden

Headshots are usually performed in studios. Most headshots have a neutral backdrop that you have probably seen on LinkedIn profiles.

While portraits have more flexibility when choosing a background. One of the main duties of a portrait photographer is to find the perfect background. It could be in a studio, street, schoolyards, farm, green places, deserts, or even a room. The photographer has to find a location that matches the theme.

4) Why do you need the photo?

Generally, people need headshots for business use, for instance, LinkedIn profile pics, resumes, email ID profiles, company web pages, etc.But portraits are more about evoking emotions and showing the personality, attitude, and beauty of the subject.

Examples of portraits could be model shoots, fashion shoots, Instagram or Facebook posts, and cultural photography.

5) What are you doing in the image?

Typically, you look straight at the camera in a headshot. Although a portrait gives you more choices. You could look straight at the camera or off-camera.

6) How much editing does the image need?

Headshots usually need retouching. So, headshot photographers have less editing work to do. While portrait photographers have to do more editing in comparison to headshot photographers.Editing plays a big role in a portrait. A portrait photographer needs more photo editing skills than a headshot photographer.

Example of Headshots

Example of portraits

How much do headshots and portraits cost?

Julia looking in studio

It depends on so many factors, like what type of headshot or portrait you need. Which type of photographer are you looking for (amateur, semi-pro, or professional)?

Here are four tips that will help you find a good portrait or headshot photographer: Check with the local photographer and compare the prices. (ijyoyo) Search on Google for the best headshot or portrait photographer. You get a list of photographers! Talk to them, check prices, and compare. Search on social media like Facebook groups and Instagram. From there, you can also get the photographer's contact info. Check freelancing websites (fiver, Upwork). You will find so many professional photographers there.

Bonus Tip:Ask friends or family members for help if they have hired a photographer. You might get a good suggestion from there.Check and compare the prices, and tell them what you want. Look over his/her past work and then select a photographer. This is the best way to find the best photographer at the best price.

Portrait vs. headshot: What is the best camera and lens?

The best camera and lens for headshots:I did some research and I found out that the Sony a7R IV, Canon 5D Mark IV, and Nikon D850 are the best options for headshots.Usually, the photographer chooses a long-focal-length lens, 85mm, for a professional headshot.

The best camera and lens for portraits:

According to my research. The Nikon D850 and Canon 90D are the best choices for portrait photography. Portrait photography can be done with any lens, but lenses in the 24mm to 50mm range are the perfect options.

Finding a professional photographer VS. Handle Everything Yourself

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