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10 birthday photoshoot ideas

By @ijyoyo | November 26 2022 | Envision

Are you looking to setup a Birthday photoshoot ? Want some birthday photoshoot ideas to help you along?

In this article I will provide a bunch of different creative birthday photoshoot ideas weather you are taking photos or getting the photos taken. Birthday photoshoots are a great way to celebrate and share on social media.

1. Ballons

Best Birthday photoshoot ideas One popular way to take photoshoot pictures is by using numbered balloons. Put your birthday age on the balloons and go take some photos of you next to them. You can often get these balloons to inflate at a Dollar Store, Balloon shop or Amazon.

The numbered balloons are a great idea also because they work in many different scenaries. If you are with your friends, outside, in a studio or with a group of people you can bring these along and have someone snap a few photos for you.

Matching birthday shirts are another great way to add to a birthday photoshoot. Weather it is an entire group that coordinates the outfits or the group wears something and you wear something extravagant can be ways to go.

2. Best Friend Photos

Girls taking birthday photos Best friend photoshoot photos are great! If you have that one friend or best friend that doesn’t mind getting in front of the camera it can be very fun celebrating your birthday the way your friends do in a photoshoot. Ideally I would book a photographer with studio opportunities so you can bring in props- however outdoor photos might be just perfect.

You also feel more comfortable and have the opportunity to get some great photos! If you haven’t done a photoshoot with your best friend taken by someone else (not your friend or a professional photographer) I would highly recommend it.

3. Take to the Studio

Taking studio photos for your birthday can also be the way to go. Renting a photo studio can be great because you have the flexibility of light - if it is winter - and weather -also if it is winter-. You can also bring props in and decorate in a more favorable way.

You will have so many options at your disposal such as a different background color. Ballon, birthday stripes, and confetti are also essential props to bring with you to a birthday photoshoot.

Bring on the Cake!

Other birthday photoshoot ideas include bringing in the cake! Take Photos of either the cake or lighting the candles. These can be super fun to take and share later on social media. You will have some action in your photo and this can either be solely of the cake, or with you in it! Just make sure that there is enough lighting/ such as from a flash. Although this is a classic photo- like something your parents or grandparents would take when you were little, you know hav ethe ability to make these photos look really cool.

Celebrate with fireworks, birthday photoshoot A quick tip for lighting is to have multiple people use their camera flashes around the different sides of the cake. Their cameras should essentially surround the cake on the side that you are not on. They should also be out of the camera's viewing angle.

4. Pictures with family

Don’t forget to include family in your photos, this can be people you are celebrating with such as your parents or your siblings.

Birthday photoshoot with colors This is perfect for creating bonding memories. As adults get older it can be harder to find time and even photo opportunities.

5. Go to your favorite spot in Town

Bring up where your favorite spot is or somewhere where you go often. This can be a memorable place/ story or location outdoors.

If you are having trouble figuring out what spots in town to take photos think about places you are usually visiting with friends and family. Think about walls or murales that are also popular in town. Even some walls can be the best places to take birthday photoshoots.

6. Go the local park

Bring some greens in your photos by going to the local park. There are usually small areas of the park that you can get some great photos at. You try a couple different places around your local park such as by tennis courts, trees or benches.

Women with ballons Going to your local park can be convenient. Laying out some major cities, Seattle Washington has some amazing parks to take photos, California as well. If you are in New York City you can try photos at central park. If you are in North Carolina try some of the hiking paths.

7. Hit the town!

Go explore your local metro area and take photos around the city. Take photos near popular spots. If you go out to eat at these places you can also take photos there as well.

Places can include in the street, restaurants, hotels, bars and other popular locations around town.

8.Don’t forget the champagne!

Best Birthday Photo Ideas If you’re older then 21 don’t forget drinks! Champagne in photos creates a fun vibe and environment. Definitely recommend getting your photos taken with champagne.

9. In your zone.

Share what You have been doing the past year!

10. Photo Dump Photos

If you can't get together a photoshoot last minute, try using takes that you have'nt shared as behind the scenes role.

Hopefully these birthday photoshoot ideas will give you some good ideas for the next time you or your friend's birthday comes around. This list is full of birthday photoshoot ideas that can help anyone out, from the photographer to the friend. Share this along with others and if you want any more tips make sure to view the envision page.