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Best Beginner Photography Books

By @ijyoyo | August 20 2022| Envision

Looking for some great photography books for beginners? I’ve listed some great books with a wide variety of topics for any photographer that wants to develop their craft. These books are helpful because they include visualize and structured content.

Photography in the modern age can be difficult to grasp with many different platforms to learn. Learning online can get overwhelming such as where do you start? Nevertheless, these books are some of my favorite and have insightful techniques, traditions and tricks that you can use in your next photoshoot.

1. Stunning Digital Photography

by Tony Northrup stunning digital photography This book is filled with great care and detail on Digital Photography. It was produced by Tony Northrup a Photographer prominent on YouTube. The lessons included in this book are surely well throughout from Wild-life Photography to Portrait Photography and Wedding Photography.

This book also comes with 14 hours of training that is well worth it. This is one a part of the Best Photography books for beignners. Not only that , it is great as a digital camera book.

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2. The Digital Photography Book

by Scott Kelby

The Digital Photography Book

The Digital Photography book offers great techniques to get you started with photography. This first edition includes practical solutions and tips on a wide variety of photography occurrences. The Author Scott Kelby is a part of the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals). His book includes a variety of different scenarios such as Landscape photography to wedding photography and macro photography.

He also includes equipment related content such as tripods, ball heads, SD card and camera settings. Some of these topics are more technical but the explanation to use them during photoshoots will help take your photographs to the next level. Read this if you want to take great photographs!

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3. The Photographer’s Guide to Posing

by Lindsay Adler

The Photographer's Guide to Posing

At one point or another you will probably get interested in portrait photography. Learning how to pose people is important for the composition, feel and projection of the person you are photographing. This book provides helpful posing tips and share images of these exact scenarios to show how bodies can be portrayed.

The author Lindsay Adler is a Fashion Photographer in New York. She has had several publications within the past 10 years.

Some of the chapters involve effects of camera angle on subjects, lens choices for portrait and orientating the body.

If you are looking to get into portrait photography book this is a must read and something to add to your collection of photography books.

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4. The Visual Toolbox

By David duChemin

The Visual Toolbox

The Visual Toolbox contains 60 individual lessons for great visual storytelling. The explanations are followed by beautiful images and how to produce similar results. This book gives great inspiration of what can be done with a combination of techniques.

Although this book does not mean to build onto one another, after doing a few lessons you will appreciate more and more of what is learned. Some Lessons include looking at color palettes to isolation and negative space. Each of these techniques is fundamental to photography and is worth taking a deeper look to understanding photography.

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5.Headshot: The Secret to creating amazing headshot portraits

By Peter Hurley

Headshot: The Secrete to creating amazing headshot portraits

Headshot, The Secret to creating amazing headshots portrait is a great book to understand more about portrait photography. In this book it revolves around indoor studio headshots that create stunning results. From Lighting techniques and posing techniques to make the subject look flattering.

This book does an amazing job explaining what is occurring in the photos and sharing the final results of the images. If you want to get better headshots and develop your photography in the studio this is a must-read book.

Some of the material includes ways to enhance peoples jaw, perfecting smiling, techniques for head positioning and lens distortion. Definitely something to look into

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6. Read this if you want to take Great Photos

By Henry Carroll

Read This if you want to take great photos

Henry Carroll does a great job explaining technical topics in a way people can understand. The images also go very well with the explanations. This is a great book if you are trying to figure out both how to create great photos or figure out your camera settings.

Some of the chapters involve composing elements from the rule of thirds to leading lines. He also goes through camera setting and modes that can help you out in unique situations.

I would highly recommend checking this book to start off your photography.

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7. Better Photo Basics: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Taking photos Like a Pro

By Jim Miotke

Better Photo Basics

This book provides great photography ideas to get started on more creative ideas. You will encounter light trails, HDR techniques and taking photos of fireworks. There are plenty of different techniques to learn in this book as a beginner photographer

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8. Trick Photography and Special Effects

By Evan Sharboneau

This book is all about using light and long exposures. Many of the photos are unique and can give some amazing inspiration for long exposure. The best part of this book is that is free to download with kindle. This book will give you plenty to do if you are interested in light painting. I would highly recommend this book to get out your creativity!

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9. Authentic Portraits: Searching for Soul, Signifance and Depth

Authentic Portraits: Searching for Soul, Signifance and depth

By Chris orwig
This book is all about portraits! This book includes posing, directing and connecting. It also includes lighting and gear mixed together. This book is for those who want to create a deeper meaning in their portraits.

Adding a mixture of human touch to photography is important for portraits. The chapters in this book will help you connect better with your subject and the viewer. This is great for basic concepts and diving deeper into the meaning of Authentic Portraits

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10 . The Hot shoe Diaries: Big light from small flashes

The Hot Shoe Diaries

By Joe Mcnally
This book explains artificial lighting very well. McNally explains how he lights certain situations and uses Speedlights. It also provides practical advice and makes you think about how light works using soft boxes, umbrellas and flashes.

Joe McNally has won four award from World Press Photo, and has photographed for the National Geographic Society. Check out this book if you are interested in flashes after getting the basics of camera’s down, you will surely be amazed. He explains the art of photography very well. This is also a great book for professionals

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