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Why Switch to the Canon EOS RP?

By @ijyoyo | November 10 2020 | Envision

This last week I was anticipating a package to upgrade my camera gear. It’s been a decent ride about 5 years with my Canon 70d. The Canon 70d allowed me to take photos in extreme weather in Wisconsin and Ecuador.

I switched to the Canon RP. The Canon RP will allow me to take images full-frame in studios , travel lighter and have access to new gear exclusively for the Canon RP. The Canon RP has weather sealing, full Frame, 4k video and access to new RF Lenses. This article is not the Canon RP Mirrorless review, that can be found here.

The Previous Setup

My previous camera setup was a Canon 70d with a few lenses: the Canon 50 mm f1.4 , Canon 50 mm f1.8, Canon 18-55mm, Sigma 85mm f1.4

The Canon 70d has allowed me to take many portraits, video shoots and much more. I’ve traveled in sand, volcanic tar, the atlantic ocean, and the entire United States with the camera. I made the switch because I was encouraged to go full-frame. This would open my horizons to the prime lenses without a crop sensor. Photography Canon EOS 70d held up in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Does the Canon RP have Weather Sealing?

You may ask, Does the Canon RP have Weather Sealing? After researching on the internet I found that it does have weather sealing comparative to the EOS RP Canon 6D Mark II. When you hold the camera you can feel the solid design. canon eos RP weather sealing Weather sealing is so important so the camera and the memory instead doesn’t freeze up or overheat too easily in extreme conditions.

I have used my canon 70d in colder conditions of around 0 degrees to -10 degrees fahrenheit without any problems. Unfortunately my Canon 70d’s weather sealing has allowed me to use it a lot longer than other cameras. I would expect the same results of colder conditions with the Canon RP. Similarly in hotter climates the Canon RP should do fine to 105 degrees according to Canon’s website

Why the Canon RP?

Why the Canon RP? The Canon RP was priced around the same as the original canon 70d when it first released. Currently on Amazon the Canon RP with 24-105 F/4 is $1,279.99. The Canon RP offers a recycled censor from the Canon 6D Mark ii that allows it to have a full frame. The Canon RP also shoots more megapixels than the Canon 70D, 26.2 to 20.2. canon eos RP sensor size

The Canon EOS Full Frame Mirrorless

The Canon 70d has an APS-C sensor that many beginner cameras have. With APS-C lenses getting a “real” focal length was not hard. But deciding between expensive gear that would have a crop factor did not seem appealing. I found myself constantly with the 50mm’s put into a corner getting only part of the real frame I wanted in studios.

With full frame I now have the ability to use the full frame lenses to their highest potential and create vibrant, wide images.

Canon RP 4k Video...

The Canon EOS RP video specs were also something very important to me when choosing a camera. I looked at some of the lower and higher models and they didn’t match my budget. Plus I was more interested in obtaining a good lens. The Canon RP offered 1080p up to 59fps and Canon RP 4k video at 30fps cropped. I understood that it wasn’t the best 4k and it was often jittery. I put this into account but still realized a good portion of my work would be in either 1080p or just photos.

Another reason for the change was the weight and the ability to care for something slightly smaller than the canon 70d. This didn’t change much except for the compartment of the menus on the Canon RP. The physical mass did change however which is much nicer to hold and carry.

What I didn't Like

A few things that caught me off guard while researching and thinking about switching included the low burst rate. Low Burst rates often used during sports photography, action photos, or wildlife photography. The Canon 70d out performs the Canon RP with it’s burst rate, 15frames vs 5 frames per second. This was very drastic. This can be the difference of getting a shot and not getting it in the midst of the moment.

However, I have found to have more control taking photos slower and composing correctly instead of shooting many more photos.

This is of course personal preference however and the type of photography you take. canon eos rp sample images

Favorite Features

Now using the Canon EOS RP after a week I have found some of my favorite features. Including the LED viewfinder, Touchpoints on the camera screen , and ease of use with the menus that allow you to control the Aperture, Shutter and ISO without touching the menu. I am also excited to dive further into the timelapse settings and the IBS features and dual point tracking.


The RP is a great change from the Canon 70D. I have still to test many of the Canon RP’s features to their fullest and get the most out of this camera, however I am happy with the purchase. If you are looking to get a new all around good camera, this is a good choice. The Canon RP includes a Full-Frame sensor, minimal 4k video recording, access to the new RF lenses and much more. The Canon EOS RP kit came with a standard 24-105mm f4 upon release.

If you would like to see test footage please check out my YouTube channel.