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What's the best time to take outdoor photos in fall

October 18 2022Envision

Outdoor lighting is important, in particular fall light. Summer Lighting Look Here There are other articles that help you with the best time to take photos in the summer and the best times of day to take photos.

During the fall the leaves change and the weather gets colder.


The earliest peaks are in the regions of northern Wisconsin, superior. Colorado and North-eastern Regions.

By early October and mid-october the majority of the midwest turns peak.

By late October the mid-regions of the United States and the southern states start to get their peak. By November California sees some as well.

Generally in the north east and new england area the best month to start taking photos is in october. The first few weeks will be key to taking your photos.

In the midwest regions the best time to take photos may be late october, early november.

Going down by the Appalachians and blue ridge mountain, it may be worth going during mid-october.

In The Pacific Northwest, the best time is october.

Golden Hour

Golden hour is the golden goose of light. It is close to the horizon and creates gold color rays into your photos. However golden hour can be hit or miss depending on the weather.

It is best for this example to shoot early so you can take the photos you would like. Golden hour is the time approximately 30 minutes before/after sunset/sunrise.

Golden hour contrasts away from mid-day lighting. Generally it is easier to expose during this time depending on the direction of the light.

Mid-day and afternoon lighting

Midday lighting is often harsh lighting. This is because the sun is directly above any subject which creates high contrast shadows.

The issue with afternoon lighting is that leaves in the fall will be lit differently. Taking photos during the afternoon may be brighter than you expect and cause flashes.

Blue Hour

Blue hour is the time after/before sunset/sunrise. The blue hour light brings in green light and blue light. It is often very soft. During this time it is also dark.

This article was intended to give you some great times to take photos during the falls outdoor! Learn More about shooting during the fall on the full guide below.

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